Should You Envy Lee Kwang-soo?

Yes, Song Joong-ki & Lee Kwang-soo‘s connection should be something you envy. This bromance couple is getting attention after several actions toward each other in public.

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Song Joong-ki who is popular for his acting in many dramas including Descendant of the Sun gave a special gesture lớn Kwang-soo who is one of the host members in the variety show Running Man. So, their come-and-go kích hoạt must be collected và analyzed in one spot. Here in this article, find out more about song Joong-ki và Lee Kwang-soo’s cutest friendship! Stay curious!

Song Joong-ki & Lee Kwang-soo’s Bromance


Song Joong-ki và Lee Kwang-soo’s friendship is so fascinating & interesting since they are two different characters. The bubbly Kwang-soo & introvert Joong-ki somehow look like the sea và the sun.

Their story of friendship became naturally popular & often teased by people. The handsome & calm song Joong-ki attracts so many fans with his charismatic character. He met Lee Kwang-soo when they collaborated in Running Man. Since then, they eventually started supporting each other. The comedic Kwang-soo creates enjoyment in their interactions in between. See more about their friendship below!

Lee Kwang-soo & the Viral Message from tuy nhiên Joong-ki


When tuy nhiên Joong-ki acted in the drama Descendant of the Sun, he sent a message lớn Kwang-soo. Joong-ki wrote, “Joong-ki ♥Kwang-soo (Asia Prince)” on the rocks with a permanent marker.


This went viral. The moment took place at Navagio Beach or Shipwreck Island on the shore of Zakynthos Island in Greece which is a thắm thiết place for writing special messages.


Kwang-soo put the picture on Instagram & wrote, “What was all this then?” It was a joke, but the Instagram post became a hit and started the cutest romance between them.

The photos of them by the drama production team were captioned with an intriguing question, “Captain Yoo, are you thinking about someone right now besides Doctor Mo Yeon?” The drama contains a love relationship between Captain Yo (Song Joong-ki) and Doctor Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo) in the military area.

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Song Joong-ki Talks about How Special Lee Kwang-soo Is


Song Joong-ki in his interview revealed that Lee Kwang-soo became the only actor invited to his home. He said this on an episode of KBS 2 TV’s Mamma Mia when the MC Lee Young-ja called up Joong-ki as part of the show. The MC asked him whether friends ever visited him và how his mother reacted. Surprisingly, Joong-ki said Kwang-soo as the answer, và this proved that their camaraderie was more than what the public had seen.

Lee Kwang-soo Talks about tuy vậy Joong-ki


It’s a fact that Lee Kwang-soo is the same age as tuy nhiên Joong-ki. In Korea, this usually helps people easily become friends since there are no rules to lớn speak formally. Lee Kwang-soo was once invited khổng lồ join Joong-ki’s fan hâm mộ meeting in Hong Kong.

Kwang-soo became a fan-meeting MC at the event. He keeps being teased by a member of Running Man about how he acted lượt thích a junior lớn Joong-ki at the sự kiện even though they are same-aged friends.


Kwang-soo also revealed that even though they have been friends for a long time, Joong-ki never wants to have a selfie with him. This is because Kwang-soo has a tall body posture và Joong-ki is a little bit insecure. Joong-ki jokingly said, “Kwang-soo looks good in a selfie, but we never vì it together since our different height.”

Lee Kwang-soo’s Reaction to tuy vậy Joong-ki’s Marriage


When news of tuy vậy Joong-ki’s marriage with Song Hye-kyo spread all over the media, Lee Kwang-so also entered the spotlight. He texted song Joong-ki a message saying that he didn’t believe that he will get married.

Song Joong-ki said that Kwang-so’s response was different from others. People usually said congratulations whereas he felt that Kwang-soo seemed tipsy at the news.

That’s all about song Joong-ki & Lee Kwang-soo’s friendship. Which one is your favorite? Put your comment below, and don’t forget to tóm tắt it on Twitter as well.