It Is Now Possible For Scientists And Tourists To Travel To Remote Natural Environment

The isolated natural places are attracted scientists and travelers currently. While I accept that there are some advantages of this trend, I believe that its disadvantages are more significant.On the one hand, traveling in the remote natural environments is beneficial in some ways. These places have a great value of source information about natural resources. It is undeniable that a variety of animals và plants that are latent extinction risk, have discovered by scientists in these areas. As a resulted, scientists & authorities will have measures và projects together in order to lớn protect these such as mix up protected areas. Additionally, the isolated places are often attracted visitors who want to lớn experience challenges. An example of this idea is a popular destination namely Son Dong cave in Vietnam, where any travelers try khổng lồ register successfully as a thành viên in this tour.On the other hand, I would argue that these drawbacks are outweighed by the benefits. Firstly, visiting to remote natural environments can bring much of high risks. There are several hazards can be threatened these individuals. For instance, it is obviously dangerous for people if they can be attackable by several poisoning animals such as snakes, spiders in these places. Secondly, the accessing of these people have increasingly damaged in the ecology-environment system. Much of individuals try to lớn exploit natural resource by logging timber, collecting wild animals, non-timber hàng hóa forest in these areas. Therefore, the natural resources will be dwindling shortly in near future.In conclusion, it seems lớn me that the drawbacks of visiting in isolated natural areas are more significant the possible benefits. (268 words)

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The isolated natural places are ...(your introductory paragraph seem unclear. You have to choose your position as a writer và please the concrete disadvantages of the problem so that your position can be clear)On the one handI believe / I would argue that / Nowadays traveling in the remote ...In conclusion, it seems lớn me that the drawbacks ...(to write the conclusion, i suggest you to make a paraphrase the overview of yours from the fist paragraph and you can put an emphasize sentence from the toàn thân paragraph, it will boost your writing)
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