BURBANK, Calif. -- The "Star-Spangled Banner" has been our national anthem due to the fact that 1931, yet the nationwide Association because that the advancement of Colored people is feather to adjust that."I believe that any kind of individual the hears the song, that believes in the song must take the time to know what the tune is really saying," said NAACP regional Director Ronald Hasson.

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What we recognize of the anthem is simply the very first verse in a four-stanza city that includes the line, "No refuge could save the hireling and slave native the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave."It was generally embraced to be celebrate the death of freed slaves who battled with the brother in the war of 1812.Now, the NAACP claimed they setup to lobby legislators to eliminate the "Star-Spangled Banner" as our national anthem, calling it among the many racist, pro-slavery, anti-black song in the American lexicon."If we"re going come talk around a track that"s supposed to stand for all people, let"s yes, really be serious about what we"re talk about, or what is gift sung," Hasson added.
Some the the inhabitants Eyewitness News spoke through on Wednesday in Burbank stated they had no idea there even was much more to the tune than what us hear on game days."In stimulate to move forward, we gained to watch back, yet we also got come go, "OK, where do we desire to walk from here," and also I feel the the conversation is up for debate for sure, a civil dispute if we can have that," said Burbank resides Nick Murphy.The resolution will certainly be among two that the NAACP will begin pushing this comes January. The various other is in assistance of Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback who started this recent dispute by kneeling throughout the nationwide anthem before football games.Hasson claimed he has received combined reaction, both strongly for and also strongly versus both resolutions.



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