ESTES PARK, Colo. – The Rocky mountains are home to a hotel that’s widely considered one of the many haunted places in America and it has actually ties come a renowned fear film.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, is said to it is in haunted by several different ghosts, from past owners come children, and even a couple pets.

Along with its haunted reputation, the colonial Revival-style hotel likewise inspired writer Stephen King to write “The Shining,” one of his most renowned novels that was adapted into a 1980 movie starring Jack Nicholson.

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Haunted background of The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel was developed by inventor Freelan Oscar (F.O.) Stanley , who relocated out to Colorado hoping that the fresh air and also plentiful sunlight would relieve his tuberculosis. When he arrived in 1903, he was weak and underweight, but after just one season, hotel staff says his health was restored.

The hotel states Stanley was so overjoyed the he vowed come return every summer and ended up structure the hotel to lug a level that sophistication to the region. The Stanley Hotel opened in 1909.

Stanley passed away in 1940 in ~ the age of 91, yet his soul is claimed to tho roam the hotel. Special, staff states he’s frequently spotted in the hotel’s billiard room and also bar. Stanley’s wife, Flora, has also reportedly to be spotted in the hotel and is known to tickle the tricks of a piano.


Another ghost it is been said to present up is a previous housekeeper the the hotel, Elizabeth Wilson or Mrs. Wilson. Tour guides speak Wilson to be lighting lanterns in room 217 as soon as she to be seriously hurt in one explosion. She endured the blast but passed far years later. Now, it appears Wilson is a continuous in room 217. Guest report items being moved, luggage being packed up and lights going off and also on. It additionally seems Wilson is rather conservative – travel guide say she’s not a fan of unmarried couples. Human being who no married have actually reported feeling a cold presence between them if in bed.





How the hotel influenced Stephen King

During a recent illustration on “The View,” Stephen King defined that he to be living in Boulder, working on “The Stand,” once he and also his mam took a weekend off from their kids.

“We finished up continuing to be at a place referred to as The Stanley Hotel,” said King. “It was your last job of the season. Everybody to be leaving and also nobody to be coming in, and also we claimed ‘can we check in?’”

An employee called King that they can stay if they could pay cash, due to the fact that the hotel had currently sent its credit receipts ago to Denver. King taken place to have actually the money.

“We to be the only world in the hotel and the wind was whistling outside and also the rooms were all empty.”

Legend has it that throughout King’s continue to be in room 217, he had actually a lucid nightmare about his young boy being chased about the hotel. Travel guide say the author jerked the end of bed, went exterior to smoke a cigarette and also that’s once he started to put the groundwork for “The Shining.”

Over the years, many human being have claimed to have captured the ghosts of the hotel ~ above camera. One circumstances was in 2016 . Throughout tours of the hotel, guides also share few of the photos that they say present the spirits.

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The Stanley Hotel today

Today, The Stanley Hotel has been beautifully revitalized and hosts guests year-round.

Those interested in learning much more about the history of the legend hotel and its haunted folklore have the right to walk on a selection of tours .

The hotel also hosts weddings, this firm events and other parties throughout the year.