Tap water contains an extremely low levels of dissolved silicon or silica (often referred to as silica), which regrettably does not promote health. I think everyone have to drink silicon-rich mineral water every job to eliminate toxic aluminum from the body and also brain.

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Over the previous ten years, my team in ~ Keele University has actually done research into the performance of drinking water rich in silicon v the target of removing aluminum indigenous the body. Aluminum is a toxin the is strongly attached to the advance of Alzheimer’s and other diseases, including Parkinson’s an illness and multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Aluminum is a toxin that is strongly attached to the advancement of Alzheimer’s and also other diseases. Unfortunately, aluminum is found on a big scale in ours area. We live in the “aluminum age” and also our bodies collect it end time, especially in our brains.

What we have presented in clinical studies including both healthy and balanced individuals and individuals through a condition is that drinking about one liter that mineral-rich mineral water everyday can accelerate the remove of toxicity aluminum from the body via the kidneys and ultimately the urine. What we perform in clinical trials, which are both healthy and balanced In fact, our studies have displayed that human being experienced a far-ranging reduction in their body load of aluminum, consisting of a decrease come 70% in one case, over a period of just 12 weeks.

Silicon-rich mineral water helps remove aluminum native the body because it is rich in soluble silicon or silica. This form of silicon follows water molecules v the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream, wherein it creates a chemical link with aluminum; hydroxyaluminosilicate. This form of aluminum can conveniently be filtered indigenous the blood through the kidneys. In this way, silicon-rich mineral water ensures that the excretion the aluminum in the pee is increased.

Silicon-rich mineral water rises the excretion of aluminum in the urine.

Our efforts are now concentrated on undoubtedly creating that these diminished concentrations of aluminum deserve to be directly related to improving the patient’s symptoms and even to as whole health. In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, us recently discovered that drink silicon-rich water for just 12 mainly caused far-reaching improvements in cognitive duty without any known or observed next effects. This way that just drinking silicon-rich water is a fully safe, non-invasive method to remove aluminum from the body and also something that deserve to potentially advantage everyone, consisting of those with illness such as Alzheimer’s.

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Now I want to encourage anyone to drink more silicon-rich mineral water in their daily lives. 2 brands of silicon-rich mineral water are already accessible in the UK; Fiji water and also Volvic. There are numerous others in Europe and also the remainder of the world. What you must pay attention to is a minimum concentration that 30 mg / together or 30 ppm “silica” on the label.


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