They each have a long, proud history, albeit through some major dents along the way, catching mobsters or protecting presidents. Yet they room not similar when it comes to their rankings amongst employees.

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That’s the story of two agencies told by the annual Best areas to occupational in the federal Government study, published by the Partnership because that Public Service, a good-government company that focuses on the workforce. Making use of the federal Employee philosophy Survey, the study examines concerns affecting commonwealth employees in agencies throughout the government.

Morale in the secret Service, plagued through a series of scandals and blunders in recent years, has actually fallen sharply. It ranks 319th the end of 320 organ in its as whole Best places score because that 2015. That’s a large drop native 2011, as soon as it to be ranked 94th out of 240, and also 2007, when it put 66th out of 222.

Director Joseph Clancy has actually outlined three concerns for his workforce — raising staffing, expanding training and an enhancing morale.

“I to be pleased come say the we have actually made far-reaching progress top top all 3 of this priorities,” that told employee in an agency-wide video clip message in January.

Among various other things, the agency said it has “re-tooled and kick-started ours dormant hiring process,” hiring numerous agents, uniformed officers and others.

The Partnership for Public Service and Deloitte Consulting took a deeper dive right into 12 federal law enforcement firm ratings in a report being released Thursday. It mirrors the FBI in ~ the top, through a score that 69.9, well above the last-place secret Service, which comes in in ~ a lowly 33.4. By comparison, the average score for regulation enforcement agencies is 62.2 and also the government-wide score is 58.1. Scores are calculated from concerns in the philosophy survey.

The report look at at locations identified together “top obstacles facing legislation enforcement,” consisting of workplace wellness and also communicating in a “need come know” environment.

Workplace wellness deserve to be challenging for regulation enforcement officers because of their long and also sometimes erratic hours. In addition to a “tough guy” rectal culture, the report said, policemans “encounter suspicious, dangerous and also stressful situations that can quickly pose a an obstacle to your health, wellness and also the security of their family members life. This dynamic can affect the rectal as a whole, and even partner who space not top top the former lines.”

The FBI recognizes this and also makes easily accessible a number of resources to aid its staffers, “including assist from psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and even a chaplain,” the report said.

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That is one reason the FBI scores high (though below the medicine Enforcement management and the U.S. Marshals Service) on work-life-balance topics, which encompass how supervisors assistance the require of employee to balance work and also other life issues, whether the workload is reasonable and also whether staffers have adequate resources to do the job.