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Sandy Hook Elementary college shooting, also called Newtown shootings that 2012, mass shoot in Newtown, Connecticut, ~ above December 14, 2012, the left 28 human being dead and 2 injured. After murdering his mommy at your home, Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and also 6 adult at Sandy Hook elementary School prior to taking his very own life. The was one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. History.

The murder of Adam Lanza’s mother

The attack began when 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, in the house that the two mutual in Newtown. She was shot 4 times through a .22-calibre rifle. She had actually purchased the rifle, and an AR-15—the civilian semiautomatic variation of the military M16 assault rifle—and number of other firearms that Adam Lanza would certainly use later that day, in the years before the shooting. Before leaving the house, Lanza damaged his computer’s tough drive, an plot that would certainly make evidence gathering an overwhelming for legislation enforcement personnel.

The shootings in ~ Sandy Hook

Adam Lanza gathered the AR-15, two semiautomatic pistols, and also a shotgun, and several hundred ring of ammunition save in high-capacity magazines, and also drove his mother’s car to Sandy Hook elementary school School, a public college in Newtown because that kindergarten through fourth grade. Leaving the shotgun in the car, Lanza shot his way through a home window next to the school’s locked defense door just after 9:30 am. He was automatically confronted by Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung and also school psychologist mar Sherlach. Lanza shot and also killed both women, but the encounter and the sounds of gunfire were transfer to individual classrooms via the school’s public resolve system. In accordance v previously established lockdown protocols, teachers automatically took measures to effort to safeguard your students, concealing castle in closets or bathrooms and barricading doors v furniture or v their own bodies.


Mass shootings in the joined States, 1982–2012, as selected and also analyzed by the magazine Mother Jones. Citing FBI criteria as a means of separating mass murderers—intended as the emphasis of this data set—from main actor killers and also serial killers, Mother Jones compiled information around shootings during which at least four human being were killed by a lone shooter in a publicly place. The magazine also counted the shooter, if eliminated or injured throughout the event, among the victims. As detailed by Mother Jones, however, over there are numerous incidents included in this data set that carry out not accomplish these criteria (e.g., the Columbine High college shootings).

Lanza gone into the great of teacher Lauren Rousseau and also killed her and also 14 children. That then visited a second classroom, where first-grade teacher Victoria Soto had actually hidden she students in a closet. She attempted come misdirect Lanza by informing him that her course was in the school’s auditorium on the various other side that the building. Lanza killed Soto, and six students who attempted to flee from your hiding place. Likewise killed in the shooting were anne Marie Murphy, a special education and learning aide, and also behavioral therapist Rachel D’Avino; two various other Sandy Hook staff members were injured. Lanza fired 154 ring in much less than 5 minutes, explain 26 lives.

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The first emergency contact from the school was received at around 9:35 am, and law enforcement personnel responded in ~ minutes. The first officers to go into the structure caught a glimpse that an separation, personal, instance dressed in dark clothing, and, after ~ hearing a series of shots, they found Lanza near the door to Soto’s classroom, dead indigenous a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Together the scale of the assault became clear, dozens the state and local police police officers descended on the school, i beg your pardon police officials stated would stay closed as a crime step “indefinitely.” The college would it is in demolished in 2014 and replaced by a brand-new building—occupying the same site but with a different footprint—in 2016. Investigators determined that Lanza had used the AR-15 together his main weapon throughout the attack, though he had actually taken his own life v a handgun.