Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, however following his love proves more an overwhelming than anticipated.

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Following a scandal, Prince Wilhelm enrolls in a brand-new boarding school, Hillerska. His 2nd cousin, August, to plan an initiation party in his honor.


Simon and also Wilhelm spend time together outside of school. Desperate for ADHD medication, august attempts to get diagnosed. Rowing tryouts commence.

Hillerska hosts a spirited Parents' Weekend but a bevy the surprises, disappointments and an ext occur because that Wilhelm, August, Felice and Simon.

Wilhelm struggles with his grief and what the lose of his family members member way for his future. Simon pressures August come repay him.

August and Wilhelm confront off over just how to solve a disciplinary trouble at school. Sara revels in hanging out with Felice and her friends.

Wilhelm feel conflicted about how to take care of the consequences of the leaked video while Simon fends turn off the press. Felice provides a discovery.

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After relocating from Barcelona to her mom's boring town, Amaia discovers she may have actually inherited strength from her grandmother, rumored to have actually been a witch.