The absent has become the latest attraction connected to a return in a wild week filled with significant return rumors,

Andrew Zarian the the Mat men podcast (h/t rings Inc) reported The absent is meant to return at the Survivor collection 2021 pay-per-view. Zarian previously damaged stories that WWE NXT moving to Tuesday nights among other stories.

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The Rock’s potential return has been just one of the worst-kept keys in wrestling, and also the recent report come on the heels that a pair the blockbuster AEW rumors yesterday. Top top Wednesday, Fightful select reported cm Punk was negotiating one in-ring return which could land the in AEW, when report Daniel Bryan was “100% locked in” with AEW. With WWE and AEW currently jockeying for place with live crowds returning, there is suddenly a budding war within the battle to develop buzz about each particular product.

Given the stature the names collection to return to pro wrestling, both providers are doing well in that department.

The rock returning to WWE is all yet a formality with Rock’s cousin roman Reigns right now dominating SmackDown as its overpowered global champion. Reigns has actually trumpeted himself as The Head the the Table of the Anoa’i Family, a distinction where just The Rock can truly an obstacle him as the alpha that the legend family. Reigns’ dominant run has featured wins end the likes of Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and Edge—in an already iconic double-pin success at WrestleMania 37—and Edge once again in the main event of Money in the bank 2021.

Last week, the Wrestling Observer newsletter (h/t wrestling Inc) reported that a potential Reigns-Rock showdown i will not ~ necessarily be because that the universal Championship, however rather a tag team complement in order to minimization The Rock’s injury risk. The potential tags team showdown can see The Rock and Reigns pair v an Uso.

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The Usos won their seventh tags team championship this past weekend in ~ WWE Money in the bank amid conflict stemming indigenous Jimmy Uso’s current DUI arrest. Meltzer freshly reported the WWE’s absence of self-control for Uso’s latest run-in v the legislation is due to WWE prioritizing future plans through The Rock, Reigns and also the Anoa’i family.

No location has actually been official announced for Survivor collection 2021, however Zarian (h/t WrestleTalk) freshly reported that plans contact for the big Four pay-per-view come be hosted in Brooklyn, likely inside the Barclays Center.

Reigns has actually been universal champion because that 320 days.

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