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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has opened up around his feeling on running for president one day.

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A poll published in April discovered that 46 percent of american would support a White residence bid through the wrestler-turned-actor.

Years ~ the star very first revealed that he was contemplating the idea, he has shared his "honest feelings" on to run for office.

Posting ~ above Instagram over the weekend, the 49-year-old mutual a portrait native a new Vanity Fair interview, consisting of a quote indigenous him the read: "At the finish of the day, ns don"t understand the very first thing around politics. I care deeply about our country.

"I care around every f****** American who bleeds red and also that"s all of them. There"s delusion here—I may have some management qualities but that doesn"t necessarily make me a good presidential candidate. That"s where I to be today."

Captioning the Vanity Fair image, Johnson increased on his thoughts, expressing gratitude for the public"s assistance while also admitting the he didn"t feel all set for such a role.

"Conversations constantly swirl once it comes to me to run for POTUS one day," he said. "The latest poll proved that 46% of american would support me to run for President.

"For mine
vanityfair interview, I spent a the majority of time v my writer (and tequila drink buddy:), chris Heath about my honest feelings concerning this unbelievable support I potentially can have."

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He went on: "I"m not a politician so ns don"t treatment what next of the street you live ~ above or what side of the aisle you sit on.

"Core worths matter. Work-related hard, take treatment of your family, be kind to people, take pride in her name, take pride in your own two hands, be inclusive and also respect EVERYONE and also don"t be complete of s***.

"I"m not a politician, however that"s the truth."

Johnson to express an attention in the presidency in a February interview with USA Today, saying that his decision would be based on the level of windy interest.


Dwayne Johnson attends the UK premiere the "Jumanji: The next Level" in ~ BFI Southbank in London ~ above December 5, 2019. The wrestler-turned-actor has actually previously stated the idea of being president is "alluring."Mike Marsland/WireImage"I would take into consideration a presidential run later if that"s what the civilization wanted," Johnson called USA Today. "Truly I average that, and I"m not flippant in any way with my answer. That would be as much as the people… for this reason I would certainly wait, and I would listen. I would have actually my finger top top the pulse, my ear come the ground."

In April, Johnson said throughout an illustration on NBC News" Sunday this particular day with Willie Geist, that he had a "goal" to bring America together.

"I do have actually that goal to unite our country," he told Geist. "I also feel that, if this is what the world want, then ns will carry out that."

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He added: "I am passionate about making certain our nation is united, due to the fact that a united country, as we know, is its strongest and also I desire to view that for our country."

Back in 2016, Johnson called GQ magazine that he found the idea of being president "alluring," but included that there were "a many other things" that would favor to carry out first.

The adhering to year, that said during an illustration on The Ellen Show that he to be "seriously" considering becoming a presidential candidate.

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When he checked out The Late display with Stephen Colbert in 2018, Johnson revealed that he to be still "absolutely" considering a White home run. However, he stated he would must "get some experience and understand policy" before launching a potential bid.

In April, after ~ report on the 46 percent polling number, Johnson tweeted a connect to the article, adding the comment: "Not certain our founding Fathers ever envisioned a six-four, bald, tattooed, half-Black, half-Samoan, tequila drinking, pick up van driving, fanny fill wearing guy joining their society - yet if it ever before happens it"d it is in my respect to offer the people."


Dwayne Johnson speaks throughout a hand and footprint ceremony for Kevin Hart in ~ TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on December 10, 2019. A poll carried out in April uncovered that 46 percent of american would earlier Johnson if that ran for president.Leon Bennett/WireImage