Dwayne Johnson is among the biggest stars in Hollywood. He found fame together a wrestler very first and then his method to the huge screen with movies choose The Scorpion King and also Moana. Johnson quietly retired from wrestling years earlier to emphasis on his exhilaration career, though he says he misses the sport sometimes.

Johnson freshly lent his acting chops to the brand-new Disney movie, Jungle Cruise, which delighted in a theatrical relax after much more than a year that theatre silence because of the pandemic. Johnson has a brand-new role this days, as a father and a husband. Johnson married his longtime girl friend Lauren Hashian, in 2019, and also the two room going strong. Here’s a recap of how they met and what is walk on in their resides these days.

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How Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian met


Dwayne Johnson and wife Lauren Hashian | Getty Images

Johnson and also Hashian an initial met in 2006 at a kickoff party in Boston filming The game Plan. They were conscious of each other since they frequented the same restaurant. Johnson was actually married at the time. However, he finished up dividing with his then-wife, Dany Garcia, in 2007. Shortly after the divorce, Hashian and Johnson began dating. In ~ the party, Hashian was originally unimpressed.

Johnson insurance claims that Hashian began to speak to him at very first but easily hustled away, excusing herself. After that conversation, Johnson proclaimed the he was immediately fascinated by the woman who would later have actually 2 that his children and marry. They later reconnected and have to be inseparable since.

They’ve been together for a while but only freshly married

The couple lived together for a long time before tying the knot. They started officially date in 2007 and had their youngsters well prior to they to be married. Jasmine was born in 2015 and Tiana in 2018. The couple decided come tie the knot in 2019 finally.

It’s not clear why the couple waited so long to gain married. It’s possible that Johnson want to wait because of the fail of his very first marriage. Maybe he wanted to be sure that the marital relationship would last.

Who is Lauren Hashian

Lauren Hashian is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. She has actually been associated with the music industry due to the fact that she to be a teenager. She musical career began at 19 when she transformed her dorm room in ~ Emerson College right into a private studio. Her father, Sib Hashian, to be a drummer for the rock band Boston. Hashian was destined come be connected in the music sector by virtue of being the daughter of a well known drummer.

Hashian likes to keep a short profile since she is the main caregiver the the two youngsters the couple share together. Back she is mainly a wife and also mother these days, she husband still supports her work.

Johnson gained his begin wrestling. Thankfully, unlike numerous of his rings colleagues, he appears to have known as soon as to contact it quits to conserve his human body the wear and tear the so numerous wrestling stars have actually succumbed to. Detect a career the is less complicated on the bones than wrestling has definitely agreed with Johnson. Favor John Cena and also Dave Bautista, plenty of others native the wrestling people have make the efforts to monitor in his footsteps.

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However, they haven’t quite matched the success that Johnson has actually achieved. In 2018, Forbes claimed that Johnson do $124 million pretax, the biggest acting income reported ever. Exceptional for any actor, and even more so for an actor who has actually never had any kind of formal training. V a nice steady acting career, Johnson and Hashian are indeed living their finest life this days.

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