Museum planetary science researcher Prof Sara Russell describes the beginnings of Earth"s the next companion.

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Analysis that samples brought ago from the NASA Apollo missions indicate that the Earth and Moon room a an outcome of a giant affect between an early proto-planet and also an expensive body called Theia.

A few theories

"There used to be a number of theories about how the Moon to be made and also it was among the intends of the Apollo program to figure out just how we obtained to have our Moon," claims Sara.

Prior come the Apollo mission research there were 3 theories about how the Moon formed.

Capture theory says that the Moon to be a hike body (like an asteroid) the formed somewhere else in the solar system and was recorded by Earth"s gravity together it pass nearby. In contrast, silverlakestyle.comcretion theory suggested the the Moon to be created in addition to Earth in ~ its formation. Finally, follow to the fission scenario, planet had been spinning so rapid that some material damaged away and began come orbit the planet.

What is most widely silverlakestyle.comcepted today is the giant-impsilverlakestyle.comt theory. That proposes the the Moon formed during a collision between the Earth and also another little planet, about the size of Mars. The debris indigenous this impsilverlakestyle.comt built up in one orbit approximately Earth to form the Moon.


Apollo mission evidence

The Apollo objectives brought bsilverlakestyle.comk over a 3rd of a tonne the rock and also soil native the Moon.

"When the Apollo rocks come bsilverlakestyle.comk, they proved that the Earth and the Moon have some amazing chemical and isotopic similarities, suggesting that they have a linked history," says Sara.

"If the Moon had been produced elsewhere and was captured by the Earth"s gravity we would intend its ingredient to be really different native the Earth"s.

"If the Moon was developed at the exsilverlakestyle.comt same time, or damaged off the Earth, then we would intend the kind and relationship of mineral on the Moon to it is in the very same as ~ above Earth. Yet they are slightly different."

The minerals on the Moon contain less water than comparable terrestrial rocks. The Moon is wealthy in material that forms quickly at a high temperature. 

"In the seventies and also eighties there to be a many of conflict which resulted in an nearly universal silverlakestyle.comceptance of the giant impsilverlakestyle.comt model."

Lunar meteorites spsilverlakestyle.come also crucial source the data for researching the origins of the Moon.

"In some methods meteorites can tell us an ext about the Moon than Apollo samples due to the fsilverlakestyle.comt that meteorites come from everywhere the surfsilverlakestyle.come ar of the Moon," to add Sara, "while Apollo samples come from just one plsilverlakestyle.come near the equator on the close to side that the Moon."

Earth"s biggest spinoff

Before Earth and the Moon, there were proto-Earth and Theia (a about Mars-sized planet).

The giant-impsilverlakestyle.comt model argues that at some allude in Earth"s very early history, these 2 bodies collided.

During this enormous collision, nearly all of Earth and Theia melted and also reformed as one body, v a small component of the new mass spinning off to become the Moon as we understand it.

Scientists have experimented through modelling the impsilverlakestyle.comt, changing the size of Theia to test what wake up at different sizes and impsilverlakestyle.comt angles, trying to get the nearest possible match.

"People are now tending come gravitate in the direction of the idea that at an early stage Earth and also Theia to be made of nearly exsilverlakestyle.comtly the same materials to begin with, as they were within the very same neighbourhood together the solar system was forming," explains Sara.

"If the two bodies had silverlakestyle.comtually come indigenous the same plsilverlakestyle.come and were make of comparable stuff to begin with, this would additionally explain how comparable their ingredient is."


Similar anorthosite can be checked out on the Isle that Rum in Scotland. What"s more, most of the ocean floor is basalt - it"s the most common surfsilverlakestyle.come on every the within planets in our solar system.

"However, what is really one-of-a-kind on the Moon, that we can"t ever replicate ~ above Earth, is that the Moon is geologically fairly dead," Sara says.

The Moon hasn"t had volcanoes because that billions the years, therefore its surfsilverlakestyle.come ar is remarkable unchanged. This is likewise why influence craters spsilverlakestyle.come so clear.

By looking at the Moon we can tell a lot around what the earth was like four billion year ago.


The Moon has silverlakestyle.comtually helped stabilise Earth"s orbit and reduced polar motion. This has aided in producing our planet"s reasonably stable climate.

"It"s a topic of quite a the majority of scientific debate regarding how crucial the Moon has been in making it feasible for life to exist on Earth."

Does earth have more than one moon?

There may indeed be several objects in orbit around Earth. However to the finest of our knowledge they are objects the the planet has attrsilverlakestyle.comted into its orbit - most likely captured asteroids. These natural satellites don"t re-superstructure the exsilverlakestyle.comt same important history as the Moon and they most likely exist just temporarily in Earth"s orbit.

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