Posted by: Jerry Garrett | October 14, 2013

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: every little thing Happened come The MaerskAlabama?


The Maersk Alabama leaves Mombasa in so late April 2009. (Wikipedia)

The Maersk Alabama, assaulted in April 2009 by Somali pirates who abducted the Capt. Richard Phillips and demanded a $10 million ransom, is tho in service. In fact, that is still plying the very same Mombasa-Djibouti course through eastern African waters!

But acquire this: Pirates have tried to hijack the four an ext times!

The 508-foot-long ship, developed in Taiwan in 1998, is owned by Maersk lines Ltd. And also operated through Waterman steamship Corp. The was initially christened the Alva Maersk, and flagged in Denmark. In 2004, it to be re-christened the Maersk Alabama and registered in the unified States.

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When it to be hijacked in April 2009, it was the an initial U.S. Flagged ship to be attacked by pirates.

The hijacking – effective on a second attempt – was resolved after a few days once the U.S. Navy intervened and shot three of the 4 pirates. The 4th was sentenced to a lengthy prison term. Capt. Phillips to be freed unharmed.

Although the was more than a year prior to the captain himself went back to sea, the Alabama kept right on sailing. In truth it at some point safely delivered the cargo it had actually on board when it to be hijacked.

Incredibly, barely six months later, four an ext pirates tried come hijack it again – near the exact same area off the Somali shore where it had actually been assaulted before. It to be fired ~ above by pirates with automatic weapons, traveling in a skiff. This time the attack failed since the Alabama had placed equipped guards ~ above board. Surprise! lock fired on the pirates and also scared castle off.

In September 2010, the Alabama to be targeted again by Somali pirates! there were 5 guys equipped with AK-47s. Again, the armed security force on plank repelled your skiff.

In march 2011, Somali pirates struck however again, and also were chased turn off by the armed security pressures on board.

Two months later, in may 2011, if transiting the same basic area the Alabama was assaulted a fifth (or to be it sixth?) time by a skiff-load of roughly five pirates. They gained close enough to effort to hook ~ above the side of the ship v a metal ladder, but the defense team fired at them and also they zoomed away.

You might think the was enough drama because that the Alabama, but no. It proceeds to now on the same perilous route.

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To prize your next question: Was the the yes, really Maersk Alabama in the movie “Captain Phillips“?

No, the was the Alexander Maersk – precise twin that the Alabama – that the film crew rented for nine main to movie the movie off the coast of Malta.