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Due to the pandemic, the Indy 500 to be pushed back to August last year and also found itself through no pan on hand to take it in the experience of the race. 

That will all change as as soon as again the gyeongju is being hosted over Memorial work weekend, and this year, there will be fans earlier at the Indianapolis engine Speedway to watch the race. 

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Race coverage will as soon as again be on NBC and also it will begin as early as 9 a.m. ~ above NBC sports Network prior to NBC takes over coverage in ~ 11 a.m., with the race scheduled to start at 12:45 p.m.

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When the race begins, Scott Dixon will certainly be taking off indigenous the pole position after he come away through the fifth-fastest qualifying time in Indy 500 background last Sunday.

Here"s every the information you must watch the Indy 500 ~ above Sunday. 

What channel is the Indy 500 ~ above today? 

Race: 105th Indianapolis 500 in ~ Indianapolis motor SpeedwayDate: Sunday, might 30State time: 11 a.m. (12:45 p.m. ET green flag)TV channel: NBC

NBC sports will carry out the entire coverage native prerace come postrace of the Indy 500 on Sunday. The Indy 500 is in its 3rd year of gift aired on NBC ~ the previous 54 races had been hosted on ABC. 

Below space the top 40 TV industries in the united States and each area"s regional NBC affiliate. 

MarketNBC TV channel (Digital)
New York4 (35)
Los Angeles4 (36)
Chicago5 (33)
Philadelphia10 (28)
Dallas5 (24)
San Francisco-Bay Area11 (13)
Washington, DC4 (34)
Houston2 (35)
Boston15 (32)
Atlanta11 (10)
Phoenix12 (12)
Tampa-St. Petersburg8 (7)
Seattle5 (25)
Detroit4 (32)
Minneapolis-St. Paul11 (11)
Miami6 (31)
Denver9 (9)
Orlando2 (11)
Cleveland3 (19)
Sacramento3 (35)
Charlotte36 (24)
Portland8 (8)
Indianapolis13 (13)
Baltimore11 (12)
Raleigh-Durham5 (17)
Nashville4 (10)
San Diego39 (17)
Salt Lake City5 (23)
San Antonio4 (28)
Kansas City41 (36)
Hartford-New Haven30 (31)
Columbus38 (35)
Milwaukee4 (32)
West Palm Beach5 (12)
Cincinnati5 (20)
Greenville4 (30)
Las Vegas3 (22)
Austin36 (21)

NBC"s Mike Tirico will once again carry out prerace coverage alongside former IndyCar driver Danica Patrick. 

During the race, Leigh Differy will certainly cover play-by-play with Townsend Bell and Paul Tracy as experts and Marty Snider, Kelli Stavast and Kevin Lee together pit reporters. 

There will additionally be a brand-new addition with Jimmie Johnson involvement the transfer crew, working through Steve Letarte as an analyst top top the Peacock Pit Box. 

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Indianapolis 500 schedule 2021

The Indy 500 schedule begins well prior to viewers will be able to tune into the action. Chauffeurs have to be practicing and also working top top qualifying because that the race over the past several days. 

On Sunday, the garages will be opened at 5 a.m. And the gateways open at 6 a.m. Together the teams prepare for the racing day ahead. 

But for those at house wanting to watch along, NBC sporting activities Network will be transferring Indy 500 coverage at 9 a.m. Before it transitions over at 11 a.m. Come NBC. ~ the checkered flag flies, which must be about 3:45 p.m., gyeongju coverage will proceed on NBC till 4 p.m., as soon as it changes back to NBCSN because that postrace coverage. 

TimeEventTV Channel
5 a.m. ET:Garage opens--
6 a.m. ET:Gates open--
6:30 a.m. ET:Tech inspection--
8:15 a.m. ET:Cars pushed to pit lane--
10:30 a.m. ET:Cars on the starting gridNBCSN
11:47 a.m. ET:Driver introductionsNBC
12:38 p.m. ET:Command to start enginesNBC
12:45 p.m. ET:Green flag because that the 105th Indy 500NBC
3:45 p.m. ET (est.):Checkered flagNBC

How to clock the Indy 500 live online

For those the won"t have the ability to watch the Indy 500 top top cable, there space many alternatives to present the best Spectacle in Racing. Instead of to buy NBC sports Gold"s IndyCar Pass as in previous years, racing fans have the right to subscribe come Peacock Premium, which will certainly have accessibility to every IndyCar racing contents that the previous organization had. 

There are additionally other options for streaming. Below space the web links for each one.

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Indy 500 radio broadcasts

Many will just opt to listen to the race throughout the day. Regional audiences can tune right into 93.1 FM, WFNI-107.5 / 1070 AM.

Listeners hope to hear the on satellite radio deserve to tune into Pennzoil IndyCar Radio Network or NBC sporting activities on Siriux XM, with the following options: