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An American politics journalism newspaper and website, follow to the website, that is a height US political website, check out by the White house and much more lawmakers than any kind of other site -- an important for policy, politics and election campaigns.

Est. 9/1994

Owned By: Capitol Hill publishing Corp.

We believe political bias should be transparent.

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We make predisposition transparent so human being can avoid being manipulated and also decide because that themselves. These ratings notify our well balanced newsfeed and also media prejudice chart.

We think political bias should it is in transparent.

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We have actually rated the bias of virtually 600 outlets and writers. examine out our Media prejudice Chart, or see exactly how we have rated the most renowned news sources. rates The Hill"s predisposition as Center. gives this media predisposition rating with medium confidence.

A center media predisposition rating doesn"t necessarily average a resource is entirely neutral. The simply way a source does not predictably display perspectives favoring either finish of the political spectrum — conservative or liberal. One of two people it doesn"t present much bias at all, or its prejudice leans come the left and also right equally at various times.

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The Hill Rated center in February 2020 Blind predisposition Survey

A February 2020 blind prejudice survey discovered that The Hill maintains a center bias, though on the border of skinny Left.



During a Blind bias Survey, human being who hail from all sides of the politics spectrum and a diverse array of ages and geographic locations rate the predisposition of contents from a media outlet blindly, an interpretation all identifying branding and information is removed.

Our February 2020 blind prejudice survey verified that participants that rated themselves together Lean Right and also Right thought The Hill"s content is skinny Left, but not by much. Those that self-identified together being in the center perceived The Hill"s content as gift on the border heat of Center and also Lean Left. Those who define themselves as Left view The Hill"s content as Center; those who define themselves as Lean Left see the contents as between Lean Left and Center.

The all at once average solution of all teams indicates The Hill"s contents is ~ above the border line between Lean Left and Center. After assessing the results of this survey, determined center remains the finest bias rating because that The Hill. uncovered The Hill released editorials that have actually a strong left bias or a appropriate bias, therefore making for a well balanced editorial page.

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Community Feedback

As that October 2019, 9,108 neighborhood members disagreed through our rating for the The Hill bias. However, of the 3,881 civilization who disagreed with our rating and voted on what lock think The Hill"s actual rating must be, the typical of their votes turned out to it is in Center.

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About The Hill

According come The Hill"s website, "since 1994, The Hill has reported ~ above the intersection that politics and business, connecting Capitol Hill, K Street, wall surface Street and also Pennsylvania Avenue for non-partisan coverage of all components in legislature decisions. It supplies objective and also in-depth coverage that Congress, the Administration, business and also lobbying, campaigns and more.

"The Hill has actually a print circulation of above 24,000 and is read by opinion leaders, including 100% of congressional offices, the White House, political pundits, combination executives, lobbyists and also corporate leaders."

The Hill claims it offers non-partisan coverage of all determinants in legislative branch decisions.

According to Wikipedia, "The record was established in 1994 by autonomous power broker and new York businessman Jerry Finkelstein and also Martin Tolchin, a previous correspondent for The brand-new York Times. The paper is owned by the founder"s child James A. Finkelstein, who serves together its chairman."

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Funding, Financing and also Ownership

Note: Funding and also ownership is not taken into account as soon as determining Media bias Ratings. While it"s true ownership and financial understand can impact what goes to print, our predisposition ratings are determined by assessing the bias of contents only. We carry out financial and also ownership info as an FYI to our readers.

The Hill is owned by the Capitol Hill publishing corporation. Capitol Hill publishing Corporation is a subsidiary that News interactions Incorporated. Jimmy Finkelstein is the current CEO of brand-new Communications.

Financing and ownership info last updated February 22, 2021. If girlfriend think this details is out of day or needs to be updated, please call us.

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writer who have actually written for The Hill

Rebecca Savransky, Tom Giovanetti, Alicia Cohn, Ellen Mitchell, Miranda Green, Jonathan Easley, Jeremy Herb , and also 361 more. See complete list. Jeremy Herb, Cristina Marcos, Alexander Bolton, Jordain Carney, Joe Concha, Julia Manchester, john Bowden, Carrie Lukas, Max Greenwood, Olivia Beavers, Megan R. Wilson, Jonathan Turley, Harper Neidig, Ali Breland, Rebecca Kheel, Isaiah Seibert, Brandon Carter, Katie Bo Williams, Brett Samuels, Jessie Hellmann, Rachel Roubein, Avery Anapol, Lydia Wheeler, Mallory Shelbourne, Peter Sullivan, Lauren Debellis Appell, mark Penn, Morgan Chalfant, Ari Fleischer, Steve Israel, Sharyl Attkisson, Kaitlin Milliken, Morgan Gstalter, mock Delk, Brandon Conradis, Vicki Needham, Ben Kamisar, Lisa Hagen, Jessie Hellman, Scott Wong, Sylvan Lane, Melanie Zanona, Al Weaver, Ali Brel, J. Edward Moreno, luis Sanchez, Stephen Moore, Kayleigh Mcenany, Nathaniel Weixel, Mike Lillis, Liz Peek, Niall Stanage, Eric Garcia, Jacqueline Thomsen, Jordan Fabian, Timothy Cama, Naomi Jagoda, Olivia Morgan, Jessica Campisi, Margo Schlanger, Alison Spann, Emily Birnbaum, Justin Wise, James A. Gagliano, Tal Axelrod, Michael Burke, Megan Keller, Juliegrace Brufke, chris Mills Rodrigo, Ellen Mtchell, Reid Wilson, mary Tyler March, Aris Folley, Matthew Sheffield, Owen Daugherty, Rafael Bernal, Katie Pavlich, Jesse Rnes, Juan Williams, Bradley Blakeman, Brent Budowsky, Alex Gangitano, Alan Dershowitz, Kyle Balluck, Douglas Schoen, Amie Parnes, john Leboutillier, Anagha Srikanth, Brooke Seipel, Jordan Bruneau, Alexis Simendinger, Brad Bannon, note Hensch, Ellen Mitchell, Rachel Frazin, J. Taylor Rushing, Rep. Man Lewis (D-Ga.), Justin Sink, tress Bonn, buy it Ferris, Lloyd Green, Jonathan Swan, Cate Martel, Zack Budryk, Cady Stanton, Allan Richarz, john Solomon, Dr. Marc Siegel, Alexandra Jaffe, Racehl Frazin, Quincey Wilson, Rebecca Beitsch, Maggie Miller, Regina Zilbermints, Gene Policinski, Judy Kurtz, Rebecca Klar, Andrew Clark, Peter Sullian, Marina Pitofsky, Emily Birnbuam, mockery Aaron Siegel, Brittany Slaughter, Saagar Enjeti, Victoria Scott, Hanna Trudo, Tristan Lejeune, Alfredo Ortiz, Vincent Pry, Andrew C. Mccarthy, Ian Bremmer, James Bovard, Lauren Leader, Ignacio N. Cofone, Justine Coleman, Cameron Hill, note R. Whittington, Ned Ryun, Taylor Lorenz, Victoria Neilson, Anna Gallagher, Anna Primosch, David Janovsky, Rex Rock, Evelyn Rupert, Jennifer Calfas, Kevin R. Brock, mary Tyler, Dalia Mogahed, Peter Schroeder, Colin Meyn, Ronna Mcdaniel, Marty Johnson, Jennifer Huddleston, Robert C. O’Brien, Merrill Matthews, Jack Rosen, Zach Schonfeld, Jordy Yager, Gregory Daco, Christian Heinze, Emily Goodin, Robert Spalding,
JoeConchaTV, Laura Kelly, buy it Polus, Stephen Cooper, Stephen Blank, Robert Bryce, Salena Zito, Shahir Masri, Gene Marks, Jared Allen, J. Dana, Geoff Garin, Whit Ayres, Varsha Koduvayur, Joshua Huminski, Buck Sexton, kris Mills, Daria Kaleniuk, Cameron Joseph, Kate Havard, Michael T. Flynn, Nikita Vladimirov, note Mellman, Mike Demarest, Julian Hattem, Bradley A. Thayer, Alan M. Dershowitz, Caitlin Yilek, Erin Hawley, man Kruzel, Adil Najam, Nolan Rappaport, David Brock, Valeriy Chaly, Judd Gregg, R. James Woolsey, Birnbaum Maggie Miller, Kaelan Deese, Kenneth Glueck, Elliot Smilowitz, David Balat, Cyra Master, Joe Bonfiglio, Emily Disalvo, Rachel Bucchino, James Gagliano, Lauren Vella, Philip Haney, Mychael Schnell, Bob Cusack, Devin Henry, Ore. Dem, Sullivan Nathaniel Weixel, Corey R. Lewandowski, Sutton Dunwoodie, Alan Viard, Ian Swanson, Ben Geman, Caroline Vakil, Lisa Conley, James Bikales, Abigail Mihaly, David Cobb, Amber Mcreynolds, Charles Stewart, gave Birenbaum, beam Halbritter, Sidney Powell, Gabriela Schulte, Lianchao Han, Rachel Scully, mark Whittington, Daniela Ligiero, Nancy Altman, Celine Castronuovo, Damare Baker, Lillian Bautista, Ross Rosenfeld, Dominick Mastrangelo, Sam Olsen, Jordan Williams, Jordan Willams, Mike Hoffmann, Rebecca Klar Maggie Miller, Cameron Jenkins, Joseph Choi, Allan J. Lichtman, Joe Uchill, Joe Disipio, Garrett Evans, Stuart Shapiro, Ashley Perks, Paulina Firozi, Douglas E. Schoen, Neetzan Zimmerman, Seth Waxman, drew Halunen, Julian Gehman, Nan Aron, Joseph Borelli, Allan Grody, play Roberts, Charles Chesbrough, Allan Lichtman, Richard G. Thissen, Kristen Waggoner, Lanny J. Davis, kris Markowski, Fernando Espuelas, Toufic Baaklini, Sung-Yoon Lee, Maya Lora, Lara M. Brown, Ford O’Connell, Robert E. Rutledge, Kristin Tate, Kevin Kosar, Ulysses Smith, Stephanie Downey, Paul H. Jossey, Jennifer C. Braceras, Francey Hakes, David Kopel, Joseph Greenlee, Paul Carbonella, note Plotkin, Elan Journo, Jeremy Carl, heath Higgins, Pete Kasperowicz, Elizabeth Price, Tobias T. Gibson, Charlie Gerow, Kassandra Frederique, Melissa Moore, Alexandra Oliveira, Patrick Mortiere, Molly Hooper, Jessie Tarlov, man D. Skrentny, José G. Caraballo, Deane Waldman, Barbara Duffield, Cara Baldari, Bert Ely, Miyoko Sakashita, Emily Mendrala, Kat Lucero, Hill Extra, Rema Rahman, Mike Rogers, Rafael Nam, Jeffrey Marburg, Maria Cardona, Dr. Deane Waldman, Ashley Mcguire, Sebastian Gorka, Jonathan Williams, Ron Mortensen, Red Jahncke, Donald van Der Vaart, Tim Devaney, Jasper Goodman, Kamala, Scott Wong Melanie Zanona, Ken Levy, Katie Bo, Kevin Ring, Ramsey Cox, Amanda Rodewald, David Oscar Markus, Lexi Lonas, B.J. Rudell, Ryan Thomas, Jared Gans, Sheila Weinberg, cutting board Moore, Olafimihan Oshin, Julia Benbrook, Peter Sulllivan, Austa Somvichian, knife Evers, Jackson Walker, Abigail Goldberg, Fabienne Kinzelmann, Christine Mui, Sharon Udasin, Natalie Prieb, Monique Beals, Adam Barnes, Jenna Romaine, Alexandra Kelley, Iv Hendrix, Maureen Breslin, Sarakshi Rai, Monique Wilson, Zachary Schonfeld, Brad Dress, Saul Elbein watch less.

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