Throughout the 1980s and "90s, Gary Ridgway prowled Washington State as the green River Killer, hunting for sex workers and also other breakable women to rape and also murder.


Getty ImagesGary Ridgway to be sentenced come life in jail in 2003, after ~ narrowly avoiding the death penalty.

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In 2001, Gary Ridgway to be arrested ~ above suspicions that murdering four women, and his DNA to be later linked to them. Forensic testing later revealed the the very same spray paint Ridgway offered at work throughout his crime spree was present at various other crime scenes, and added those murders to the list of charges.

By that point, Ridgway had actually not only held a steady task for 30 years however had additionally been married 3 times. His third wife Judith Mawson — that didn’t know about his crimes until after he was arrested — to be absolutely stunned once she heard around his long background of rape, murder, and necrophilia.

As Mawson put it, Ridgway was the “perfect husband” and also had constantly treated her “like a newlywed,” even after they’d been together for 17 years. In reality, Ridgway later on confessed, he had been tempted to kill Mawson and also only passed since it might’ve raised his opportunities of acquiring caught.

Still, he asserted that the truly loved Mawson. And also according come the timeline that his recognized murders, his kill rate went down after lock had acquired married. Mawson, who filed for divorce after ~ his confessions, later said the she felt prefer she had saved resides “by being his wife and also making the happy.”

By the moment of his trial, Gary Ridgway was facing 48 murder charges. In exchange because that life imprisonment rather of the death penalty, the Seattle serial killer i agreeed to administer the locations of his victims’ remains.

After his cooperation, that was offered 48 life sentence that would be offered consecutively. Then, 10 years was added to each sentence because that the crime of tampering through evidence. This would rise his all at once prison term by 480 added years. And in 2011, a 49th human body was uncovered that was connected to Ridgway, which included yet an additional life sentence to his jail term.

When his trial was over, Gary Ridgway had actually confessed to an ext confirmed killing than any kind of other serial killer in America at that point. And also he declared that murdering young females was his real “career.”

While the location of the many prolific serial killer in the United states has because been bring away by Samuel small — who eliminated up come 93 women between 1970 and 2005 — there’s no inquiry that Ridgway remains one of the worst murderers in modern American history.

But unlike some other well known serial killers, Gary Ridgway is still alive today. He is currently 72 years old and serving out his life sentences at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington. Ridgway is expected to spend the remainder of his life behind bars.

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