Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., speaks as President Donald Trump hosts a campaign event with Perdue and Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., in Valdosta, Ga., on Dec. 5, 2020.Dustin Chambers / Reuters file
WASHINGTON — former Sen. David Perdue is running for governor in Georgia, that announced Monday, setting up a major showdown v Gov. Brian Kemp in 2022.

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Perdue"s announcement comes work after voting legal rights activist Stacey Abrams announced that she would certainly run for the autonomous Party"s gubernatorial nomination in Georgia.

In a video clip announcement, Perdue stated that Kemp "has failed every one of us and also cannot win in November." "I’m running for branch to make sure Stacey Abrams is never Governor of Georgia," he said in a tweet accompanying the video. "We require bold conservatives that will stand as much as the woke left, not cave to your radical demands. Join me in this fight to avoid Stacey and also Save Georgia."

Perdue shed his Senate chair to Democrat Jon Ossoff in January runoff poll that likewise saw Democrat Raphael Warnock best incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler, taking away the GOP"s regulate of the chamber. Chairman Joe Biden additionally captured Georgia in the 2020 election, the first time a Democrat has won the state because 1992.


The outcomes were widely viewed as a rebuke of previous President Donald Trump, whose pendant stormed the U.S. Capitol ~ above Jan. 6 in an attempt to protect against Congress indigenous counting the Electoral university results.

Trump"s ongoing attempts to an obstacle the 2020 election outcomes overshadowed the runoff elections and some republic worried the his strikes on the verity of the choice depressed GOP voter turnout.

The previous president, who has blasted Kemp end last November"s outcomes in Georgia, endorsed Perdue ~ above Monday.

Trump stated in a statement the Perdue to be "a Conservative fighter who isn’t afraid of the Radical Left," while characterizing Kemp together "a an extremely weak Governor."

"David Perdue has actually my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will not let girlfriend down!" trump added.

Perdue, who straight called out Kemp during Monday"s video clip announcement, said: "Look, I choose Brian, this isn"t personal. It"s simple he has failed every one of us and also cannot victory in November."

"Think about how various it would certainly be now if Kemp had fought Abrams first instead that fighting Trump," stated Perdue. "Kemp came prior to the election and the nation is paying a price today."

In his announcement, Perdue likewise criticized Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, that has become a target of Trump and also his allies after Raffensperger refused to difficulty Biden"s win.

Scott Hogan, executive, management director that the democratic Party of Georgia, stated in a declare Monday the Republicans like Kemp and Perdue "have failed Georgians in ~ every level the leadership."

"Georgia democracy are much more fired up than ever before and also looking front to electing a strong Democratic branch for our state in 2022," claimed Hogan.

Kemp spokesman Cody room criticized Perdue in a declare on Sunday complying with reports of his decision to operation for governor.

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“The male who lost Republicans the United claims Senate," said Hall, "and lugged the last year that skyrocketing inflation, open up borders, runaway government spending, and woke cancel culture upon the American people."

"Perdue’s just reason for to run is come soothe his very own bruised ego, since his campaign for U.S Senate failed come inspire voters at the ballot box — twice,” room added, previewing a tough campaign ahead.