(silverlakestyle.com)Former us Sen. David Perdue officially announced his operation for branch of Georgia ~ above Monday, launching a primary challenge to sit Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in a state that has actually been trending away from the GOP because that years.

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"I"m running for governor to make sure Stacey Abrams is never ever governor the Georgia," Perdue stated in a video posted ~ above his campaign website.
Abrams, the 2018 democratic nominee whom Kemp directly defeated, announced critical week she would run for branch again and also is considered the favourite in her party.
Perdue"s entry come after weeks of speculation that the Republican, who lost his bid for reelection to the Senate in a runoff earlier this year to Democrat Jon Ossoff, was considering an overwhelming Kemp.
Former chairman Donald trump endorsed Perdue ~ above Monday evening, hailing him as a "Conservative fighter."
"David Perdue will remove the revenue Tax, for sure the Elections, safeguard the second Amendment, assistance our good Farmers, gain crime in Atlanta and other places under control, take treatment of our great Vets, and put parents ago in charge of the schools," Trump said in a statement.
Trump has publicly denounced Kemp for months for not challenging the outcomes of the 2020 presidential choice -- i m sorry Trump lost to Democrat Joe Biden -- and has been seeking a credible main challenger come support.
Trump has also directed his anger in ~ Georgia"s Republican secretary that state, Brad Raffensperger, for comparable reasons. In his launch video, Perdue discussed both Kemp and also Raffensperger as resources of division within the Republican Party in Georgia -- blaming them for the democratic statewide gains in the 2020 cycle.
"To hit back, us simply have to be united. Unfortunately, today, we space divided, and also Brian Kemp and also Brad Raffensperger space to blame," stated Perdue. "Look, I favor Brian, this isn"t personal. It"s simple. He has failed every one of us and cannot win in November. Instead of protecting our elections, that caved to Abrams and also cost us two Senate seats, the Senate majority, and gave Joe Biden cost-free rein."
The Kemp project released a statement on Sunday, when news the Perdue"s plans very first broke, phone call Perdue "the guy who lost Republicans the United says Senate."
"Perdue"s just reason for running is to soothe his very own bruised ego, because his campaign for U.S. Senate failed come inspire voter at the ballot crate -- twice," Kemp spokesman Cody room said.
Bannon stated that Perdue was "the last person in the world who must be make the efforts to organize Kemp accountable" for the taking care of of the 2020 election, saying the Perdue did not support Trump"s lies around the 2020 choice ahead that the January runoff.
"There"s no difference between Kemp and Perdue," Bannon said, charging that Perdue was a "classic country club" kind of Republican that Bannon has actually long railed against.
"Republicans favor Brian Kemp and also David Perdue have failed Georgians at every level of leadership, and voters can clearly see the the GOP has actually no real concepts to help working families or move Georgia forward -- simply conspiracy theories and also divisiveness," said Scott Hogan, the executive director the the democratic Party of Georgia. "No matter who increase from Republicans" messy, race-to-the-right gubernatorial primary, voters know that Democrats are the just ones that will supply on the worries Georgians treatment about, prefer recovering from COVID-19 and expanding access to health and wellness care."
Republicans have long dominated statewide poll in Georgia, consisting of holding the governor"s mansion for 5 straight elections. Abrams came the the next to breaking that tendency in 2018, when she shed to Kemp by simply under 55,000 votes. Her power presaged Democrats" victories in the state 2 years later in the presidential and also Senate races.
Democratic fortunes have improved many thanks to a mix of greater Black voter turnout as well as a transition in the Atlanta suburbs away from the GOP. Republicans have actually stayed afloat in current years thanks to the party running up its very own numbers amongst rural White voters.
Kemp will additionally have some financial assistance from the Republican Governors Association, which has actually said it will support GOP incumbents who challenge primary challenges.
"We intend to protect our incumbents and keep ours red claims red," said Gov. Doug Ducey that Arizona, that is the co-chairman the the RGA.
This story has actually been updated with a declare Monday from former President Donald Trump and also Perdue"s response.

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silverlakestyle.com"s Terence Burlij, David Wright, Gabby Orr, Alex Rogers, Jeremy Herb and Sara Murray contributed to this story.