Dec 1 ( - Voting civil liberties activist Stacey Abrams stated on Wednesday the she is to run again for governor of Georgia, setting up a potential rematch versus Republican governor Brian Kemp in a state that has become a crucial battleground in U.S. Elections.

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"Opportunity and also success in Georgia shouldn't be established by her ZIP code, elevator or access to power," Abrams, a Democrat, said in a video launching she campaign. "If our Georgia is going to move to its next and greatest chapter, we're walking to require leadership."

Abrams, 47, a previous member of the Georgia residence of Representatives, lawyer, entrepreneur and also romance novelist, became a national Democratic token after shedding a hard-fought governor's gyeongju to Kemp in 2018 by simply 55,000 votes.

Since that defeat, which numerous Democrats blamed ~ above voter suppression, Abrams has developed a national reputation as a voting legal rights advocate, starting the organization Fair Fight. She was attributed by numerous Democrats with an enhancing the party's turnout in 2020, when President Joe Biden ended up being the very first Democrat to bring the state in a presidential election in virtually three decades.

Two months after Biden's victory, Democrats swept two Senate races in Georgia to offer them manage of the U.S. Senate. A matchup in between Abrams and Kemp following year would market a test of whether those wins reflect a an ext permanent democratic edge in a diversifying and growing southern state or even if it is they were thrust by antipathy toward Republican former President Donald Trump.

Georgia hasn't had a autonomous governor since Roy Barnes left office in 2003. If she wins following November, Abrams, who Biden in ~ one suggest considered as a potential running mate, would be the an initial Black woman elected governor the a U.S. State.


Former Georgia residence of Representatives decimal Leader Stacey Abrams speaks ahead of former President Barack Obama's resolve in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., one day prior to the election, November 2, 2020. Bell/File Photo

Kemp, who is to run for re-election, reaction on Wednesday by saying that Abrams would have shut under the state end COVID-19 and enabled "woke politics" to be part of college lessons.

"I'm in the fight versus Stacey Abrams, the failed Biden agenda, and their woke allies to store Georgia the ideal place to live, work, and also raise a family," Kemp claimed on Twitter.

Kemp could confront a challenging primary battle within his own party after resisting Trump's requests that he convince the Georgia state legislature to overturn the 2020 presidential results reflecting Biden had beaten Trump.

Kemp has since signed right into law sweeping voting restrictions sponsored by Republicans, through potentially huge implications for how elections are administered in Georgia in 2022 and the U.S. Presidential contest in 2024.

Proponents speak the legislation is required to safeguard elections and also restore voters' confidence in the process. Opponents say it was born the end of the Republican Party's "Big Lie," the false insurance claim that Biden's loss of trumped in November 2020 to be the result of extensive fraud.

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In one interview released previously on Wednesday at the following conference, Abrams claimed she remains hopeful that Congress will pass federal legislation to development and protect voting rights, in spite of Republican opposition. read much more

Georgia is collection to vote in congressional and gubernatorial basic elections next November. Raphael Warnock, a Baptist preacher from Martin Luther King Jr.'s former church who was chosen to the Senate in January in a unique election, is additionally up for re-election because that a six year-term.