I love spicy food, yet I"m commonly not the greatest fan of gimmicks. This is 2020, however, and seven months into quarantine I"ll carry out anything that provides me a glimpse that serotonin — i m sorry is to say, carry on the gimmicks.

Today"s gimmick: Dunkin"s brand-new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut. Presumably released for Halloween (yes, Halloween is somehow simply a few weeks away), the brand-new addition is Dunkin"s standard yeast donut topped v strawberry-flavored icing v cayenne and also ghost pepper. The ghost pepper has about a million Scoville heat units, i beg your pardon basically method it is very, an extremely spicy.

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"Grab one and also show your spicy side," Dunkin" tweeted, so ns did just that as soon as the donut premiered top top the food selection on Oct.14.

Dunkin" is not aware of this, but I execute indeed have actually a spicy side: ns won a spicy citizens eating dispute while examining abroad in London in 2014. The burger sauce included ghost peppers as Dunkin"s donut does, and also Carolina Reaper, on record as the world"s hottest pepper in ~ 2.2 million Scoville heat units — twin the amount of the ghost pepper.

The dispute was to end up the burger in ~ 12 minutes; ns shoved that eight-ouncer down my gullet in seven. While the left me believing ns was going to experience an Alien-like chestburster the complying with morning, i was victorious. So, 6 years later, ns was skeptical regarding how spicy this small donut would be.

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The author post-spicy burgess eating challenge with milkshake and also prize (a bottle of Kraken rum).Credit: silverlakestyle.com

Minutes ~ becoming aware of the donut"s existence, ns ordered one with Dunkin"s app and also retrieved it. To my surprise, the donut gods (the kind Dunkin" employees) rewarded my expediency v two of this Spicy Ghost Pepper donuts.


Receipt displaying one donut order.Credit: silverlakestyle.com


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If you"re feather to actually watch someone endure from spice, I"ll direct you to my colleague Tim completing the warm chip challenge.

Post-filming, my roommate make the efforts a bite and also said, "I don"t recognize why everyone would want a spicy donut." together that"s among life"s unanswerable questions, ns couldn"t muster a satisfying response. What I execute know, though, is the Spicy Ghost Pepper donut will be available through December — therefore if you"re someone that does want to try a spicy donut, go forth.