SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – Guests acquired a little extra excited Saturday once a ride quit at Cedar Point.

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The GateKeeper roller coaster stopped on the elevator hill once the elevator chain ended up being separated.

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Cedar allude says the ride’s safety system performed as it was designed, i m sorry is why the journey stopped.

All guests to be escorted safely turn off the ride. Social media articles indicate the world who to be on the journey at the time were outfitted with some kind of security belt come climb under a steep hill to acquire off the ride.

It’s rather the coaster too.

According to Cedar Point’s website, there is a 67mph fall maneuver and also has a fifty percent loop 180-degree rotation at 170 feet in the air, which provides it the greatest inversion of any roller coaster.

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The GateKeeper did no reopen Sunday, according to guests.

Woman security money stolen from elderly at casinos

by Devin Willems, Nexstar Media wire / Dec 11, 2021

ARBOR VITAE, Wis. (WFRV) - A Wisconsin woman has been sentenced for stealing over $400,000 from an elderly individual she detailed in-home care for and also spending nearly fifty percent of the money in ~ casinos.

According to the Wisconsin room of Justice, 29-year-old Kassie Wujkowski, native Arbor Vitae, will spend 18 month in early stage confinement followed by 18 and also a half years of prolonged supervision ~ pleading guilty to 2 counts of theft higher than $10,000. She was additionally ordered to pay $302,960.54 in restitution related to stealing end $400,000 native a 70-year-old.


4 female Summit county Jail inmates transported come hospital ~ receiving Narcan

by silverlakestyle.comwebcentral / Dec 11, 2021
AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — 4 female inmates at Summit county Jail were required to the hospital after suffering a medical emergency Saturday morning, the SummitCountySheriff"s Office said.

One inmate to be discovered around 9:30 a.m., the sheriff"s office said, and also Narcan to be administered immediately. A tiny bit later, three other women, who reportedly showed up to have taken the "same substance," were uncovered and additionally given Narcan.


TWINSBURG (WJW) -- The holidays are for dogs, too!

And practically 50 of lock in Summit county are searching for a temporary place to remainder their heads this season.




Kentucky tornado fatality toll likely ’70-100 lost lives,’ governor says; Crews still looking through rubble

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