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Dr. Jill Biden made history on Tuesday by coming to be the very first American very first lady to continue her full time career outside of the White residence when she headed earlier to campus to begin a 13-week semester of to teach at north Virginia ar College (NOVA).

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Dr. Biden, a longtime educator and also supporter of ar colleges, to be clear throughout chairman Joe Biden"s project that she to plan to host onto her full time career in addition to prospective White home duties, regardless of the rigorous demands the two work would put on she time. "Teaching isn"t simply what ns do, it"s who I am," reads the first lady"s bio ~ above the White house website.

The function of the an initial lady is not in itself an chosen office. Nevertheless, the job comes v a demanding set of expectations including diplomatic, ceremonial and also hostessing duties. A first lady is likewise expected to choose and also dedicate herself to a particular cause throughout her time in the east Wing. Former first Lady Michelle Obama"s cause was combatting childhood obesity, because that example.

The very first lady has actually an office, a chef of staff and all the trappings the a permanent job. Yet, the title comes with no salary.


Dr. Jill Biden made history on Tuesday by ending up being the first American very first lady to continue her permanent career outside of the White home when she headed back to campus because that a 13-week semester of teaching at north Virginia neighborhood College (NOVA). Above, Dr. Biden visits through educators ~ above September 1, 2020, in Wilmington, Delaware. Alex Wong/GettyFor her function as an educator, however, Biden–whose students contact her "Dr. B"—will be payment a salary of $85,999 for the nine-month 2021-2022 institution year, follow to her faculty employed staff contract, very first obtained by university Fix and seen by

Biden, who has actually been on the faculty at NOVA due to the fact that 2009, will invest the present semester teaching four three-hour classes per week. She will be ~ above campus Tuesdays and Thursdays and will monitor masking and also social-distancing mandates laid the end by she employer and the state that Virginia.

The first lady, who is often listed as "staff" or "Tracy, J" in the NOVA course catalog, will certainly be to teach College composition I, which follow to the NOVA course descriptions, "introduces college student to crucial thinking and also the fundamentals of scholastic writing."

Her course pack will also incorporate English ingredient Readiness II for students who need extra help, NOVA"s Dean of for free Arts, Jimmie McClellan, said The Washington Post.

On Monday, the first lady"s press secretary, Michael LaRosa, tweeted a attach to The Washington Post article around her history-making return to work, writing, "As the "Teacher in Chief," as her partner have called her, she"s additionally the one human being in the White house who is heading back out to the front heat of the pandemic."

"She is looking forward to teaching and also communicating in human being rather than v the screen," LaRosa called CNN.

"As the "Teacher in Chief," as her peers have dubbed her, she"s likewise the one person in the White home who is heading earlier out to the front line of the pandemic."

— Michael LaRosa (

Biden ongoing to teach throughout her time together the 2nd lady of the united States. She additionally taught at NOVA via Zoom during the feather 2021 semester. However, currently that she will be teaching in human in Virginia twice per week, she officially hold the location of the very first first lady to work outside the White home full-time.

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