note McComb is tested for COVID-19 at the mount Olympus senior Center parking many in Millcreek on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021. The joined States could be nearing the end of the pandemic step of the coronavirus outbreak, Dr. Scott Gottlieb stated over the weekend. Jeffrey D. Allred, silverlakestyle.com News

The joined States might be nearing the end of the pandemic step of the coronavirus outbreak, Dr. Scott Gottlieb said over the weekend.

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Gottlieb, the former Food and also Drug administration commissioner, said during “Face the Nation” top top CBS News over the weekend the the U.S. Is “close” to the end of the pandemic.

“I think the we’re close to the end of the pandemic phase of this virus, and we’re walking to get in a much more endemic phase and also as things improve, cases may choose up,” Gottlieb said.COVID-19 numbers might start to trend upward soon, that said. However “that doesn’t median that we’re beginning into an additional wave the infection.”
margbrennan "I think the we"re close to the finish of pandemic phase of this virus" that cautions, however, as points improves, cases may choose up as provided in UK cases. Pic.twitter.com/wsdNtTH7u6

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Gottlieb claimed we’ve got to the endgame of the pandemic due to the fact that children deserve to now obtain the COVID-19 vaccine and there’s one antibody treatment on the means to avoid the virus.

Indeed, ago in October, Gottlieb called CNBC’s “Squawk top top the Street” that there were two components to stopping the pandemic phase of the virus outbreak — the vaccine being authorized for children and also the antiviral pill’s debut.

Gottlieb has actually long pointed to Thanksgiving together a potential endpoint because that the coronavirus outbreak, saying that 90% that the United claims will have actually some form of COVID-19 immunity by the holiday.

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