Priests Brandon Dang, left, Christopher Smith and also Nizolaus Thai conversation in the newly renovated Christ Cathedral, which opened its doors Wednesday.

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Eight years after the Diocese that Orange purchase the crystal Cathedral — the glittering glass church in Garden Grove where the famous “Hour the Power” TV present once beamed the late Rev. Robert H. Schuller’s sermons across the world — the cathedral reopened that is doors Wednesday v a dedication ceremony, noting the finish of a two-year, $72.3 million renovation.

Renamed Christ Cathedral, the 78,000-square-foot structure and surrounding campus is currently the facility of Catholicism in Orange County and the seat of Bishop Kevin W. Vann.

The sanctuary will celebrate 11 weekend Masses in four languages beginning Saturday, follow to father Christopher Smith, rector and episcopal vicar of Christ Cathedral. The more than 12,000 worshipers can pick from English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Mandarin.

The cathedral is the last structure on the Christ Cathedral campus to finish renovations.


“The cathedral stands as a physical sign of unified of the 62 parishes in the Diocese that Orange,” smith said. “We’re kind of the facility of city for Orange county Catholics and others.”

One innovative facet of the renovation, blacksmith said, room “quatrefoils,” especially designed home window shades the were included to 11,000 panes that glass to manage sunlight.

Instead that the bright irradiate that offered to come in through the glass building, Smith claimed the quatrefoils market a softer glow, providing the cathedral’s internal an “ethereal look.”


The Crux Gemmata, a 1,000-pound crucifix, hangs over Christ Cathedral’s marble platform and also altar.
(Spencer Grant)
Additions likewise transformed the cathedral into a location for Catholic liturgy, consisting of a marble platform and also altar; a 1,000-pound crucifix hanging over it; a cathedra, the bishop’s chair; one ambo, where the holy bible is read aloud throughout Mass; reconciliation chapels wherein confessions will certainly be heard; a Blessed Sacrament Chapel for personal prayers in front of the Eucharist; and also an octagonal baptistery through a cross-shaped baptismal pool.

Aspects the the renovations additionally showcase the diversity the the Diocese of Orange, which, according to that is leadership, is currently one the the many diverse and also fastest-growing in the U.S.

The south finish of the cathedral functions a hand-painted mosaic of our Lady that Guadalupe, the patroness saint the the Diocese of Orange and the Americas.

Relics native Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican and also American martyrs — as well as Pope john Paul II — room encased in the altar. And also the entryway that the cathedral includes portraits of number of saints, consisting of Kateri Tekakwitha, the very first Native American well-known as a saint through the Catholic Church; Elizabeth Ann Seton, the an initial person born in the U.S. To become a saint; Lorenzo Ruiz, a 17th-century Filipino saint; and Oscar Romero, the archbishop from El Salvador that spoke out versus poverty and injustice and who to be assassinated in 1980 and canonized critical year by Pope Francis.

The diocese is likewise in the procedure of structure a 2-acre, out shrine to Our Lady that La Vang, a Vietnamese Marian apparition, in a courtyard committed to the Virgin Mary.

“We’ve tried really hard to reflect the area we’re in,” smith said.

On top of the physical renovations, the community underwent a transformation as well.

St. Callistus, a parish in Garden Grove, to be relocated to the Christ Cathedral campus — whereby it hosted Mass at the cathedral’s Arboretum — so the it could start the process of ending up being a cathedral parish, the “mother church” the the diocese.

“We’ve grown from going through a duration of grief due to the fact that of what to be being left behind to coming to an understanding that we have actually been referred to as to be the cathedral parish,” stated Trudy Mazzarella, a parishioner at what is now called the Christ Cathedral Parish, “and the it’s really special to have actually that kind of responsibility.”

In enhancement to performing normal parish functions, cathedral parishes also serve the entire diocese by celebrating one-of-a-kind Masses, such as ordinations, and other events put on by the bishop.

Excitement for the cathedral’s opening has “grown exponentially,” Mazzarella said, compare the dedication to the joy a household feels celebrate Christmas.

Since 2012, Mazzarella has also served as director of tour ministry for Christ Cathedral, arranging group and also individual tours for travellers from 63 countries.

“I’m currently getting call calls and also emails from world all over the United says wanting to acquire in there, and also asking, ‘When have the right to we book a tour?’” she said.


While the dedication marks the change of the cathedral’s internal — and community — one thing that no touched in the renovations to be the building’s iconic exterior.

Designed by the Postmodern architect Philip Johnson, the old crystal Cathedral ended up being the biggest glass building in the civilization when it to be completed 39 year ago.

Though the reflective exterior is a much cry native the timeless architectural format of most Catholic churches, Smith stated the diocese want to preserve the tradition of the decision Cathedral and its founder.

“We check out ourselves as proceeding in the footsteps the a great Christian preacher who developed Christ Cathedral in the first place,” he said.

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Schuller retirement in 2010 and also died in 2015. His grandson Bobby Schuller, a pastor in Irvine, is continuing the “Hour of Power” broadcasts in the evangelical tradition.