The brand-new movie, about a quadriplegic man and also his carer fall in love, is a moving must-see. Jojo Moyes, who wrote the novel and adjusted it into a screenplay, talked to Significant SPOILERS ahead!



Me before You will have you weeping uncontrollably. It will also collection your love on fire, however it"s not just a usual tear-jerking romance: It also has moment that will make girlfriend laugh. Probably laughing with tears running down your cheeks, but still.

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Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games) plays will certainly Traynor, a quadriplegic man who calls for 24-hour assistance complying with a roadway accident. The film begins by reflecting him before the accident and also his succeeding situation, which brings carer Louisa right into his life, played by Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones). What unravels is a heart-wrenching love story whereby the pair change each other"s lives inconceivably.

Me prior to You is now out in cinemas, and also it"s all thanks to writer Jojo Moyes, who wrote the book and adjusted it for the film. Yes, things had actually to it is in tweaked or ignored, and also minor details had to it is in dropped altogether. But what does appear on screen is maybe the closestly anyone might ever gain to happen the book and also its complex characters to life.

Moyes talked to UK around her authorized in making the film, working with director Thea Sharrock, the cast, and the problems she challenged in bringing the story come the huge screen. There are many, countless spoilers around the book and also movie below, so go and read the book and watch the film before continuing if friend don"t desire it to it is in spoiled!

1. Yes, Me prior to You was motivated by a real-life news story. It was additionally inspired by a couple of Moyes" family members members who compelled 24-hour care.

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“I had actually a family case at the time where we had two family members members who required 24-hour care,” she called once we caught up in a central London hotel. “And ns think if girlfriend exist through that case close to you, friend are really conscious of problems of top quality of life, the appropriate to die issue, every those things.”

But that was when she came throughout a story on the radio one day that the function of will certainly really started coming to life. “At the exact same time i heard a news story around a young sportsman who had been left quadriplegic ~ an accident, who had actually several years later encouraged his parental to take it him come Dignitas, and I couldn’t get this story out of my head.

“I couldn’t understand it and I’m one of these human being that if ns don’t recognize something I have to read as much as i can around it,” Moyes said. “The more I check out the much more I establish it’s no a black and white issue, you know, that there’s no necessarily a ideal or a wrong come it and also I guess together a writer it is what fascinates me.”

And this soon ended up being the basis because that Me before You: “So what I want to do was to write a story around a guy who is uncompromising and who makes a decision that nobody else approximately him agrees with and put myself in the shoes of him, his mother, and also maybe somebody who wanted to change his mind.”