In the last 48 hours the roof has closed at Mercedes-Benz Stadium and also it look at incredible!

More facts and also figures around the roof’s mechanization:

The stadium roof may show up to rotate open but it’s one optical illusion, the roof opens up by the movement of eight “petals” that slide open up in a directly line.Each of the relocating petals cantilever approximately 200 feet inwards towards the facility of the stadion and administer a roof covering once the petals are in the closeup of the door position.The moveable petal structures are powered by eight mechanically based “bogies” which drive the petals follow me an within rail and also are attached come the external uplift rail by six roller mechanismsIn the closed place the petals lock with each other to type a water tight seal. Each petal structure is clad v air-inflated ETFE pillows.ETFE is a very durable, lightweight cloth that is translucent, allowing for a light filled stadium, also when moveable petals are in the closed position.

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New Food Items because that 2018


Quinoa citizens (vegetarian)“A” burgerTequila Chicken BurgerGarbanzo burger (vegetarian)


Chopped Brisket SandwichSmoked pulled pork sandwich


Harvest chicken salad


Brisket mac & cheese

Hot dogs:

Chili Cheese dog


Bacon Cheese FriesBuffalo fries,Parmesan friesFunnel cake fries


BBQ Pork nachosTinga chicken tacosPork Verde Burrito

Mercedes-Benz stadium is unveiling a new craft beer exclusively brewed for MBS in partnership through a local brewery. The beer will certainly be featured on breeze in concession stands throughout the stadium. This high-quality craft giving will offer at the residential draft price, $5 for a 12 oz. Draft and also $7 because that a 20oz. Furthering ours commitment to finding innovative ways to respond come our fans. An ext details on name and brand identification will be easily accessible in the comes weeks.

As we proceed to obtain your feedback, below are a couple of of the benefits and also events planned because that 2019.


Club PSL owners gain exclusive access to occasions like our NFL breeze Party, Falcons fan Fest, Tailgate party & more. An ext events will be reserved throughout the year, continue to be tuned to:

ACCESS come THE greatest EVENTS

You’ve already received accessibility to: CFA Kickoff Game, SEC Championship, CFA Peach Bowl, MLS All-Star Game, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé/Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran, George Strait, Atlanta United and also more.Be ~ above the lookout for more exclusive announcements coming soon!

ACCESS to THE benefits YOU KNOW and LOVE

You will continue to receive accessibility to an essential benefits: Discounts at and also our Team shop at Mercedes-Benz stadion & Atlantic Station, access to NFL Redzone top top Mobile and NFL GamePass.


With the brand-new auto-enrollment plan, all season ticket members will certainly receive secondary discount on their playoff ticket if us were to hold a 2019 Playoff game.

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We desire to save you the problem of having actually to mental details because that future payments. Starting in 2018, every accounts will certainly be immediately charged for continual season and any house playoff games, consisting of season ticket renewals and also playoffs for all succeeding seasons. Note: playoff gamings will only be fee on a pay-as-we-play basis. We will process payments making use of the exact same information listed for this year’s season ticket payment. Notification of charges will be sent out to friend at the very least 30 days before a payment being processed. Feel free to inform us at any time to eliminate your account indigenous the auto-enrollment plan.