12 locations Alaskan shrub People has Filmed (That Prove The display Is Fake) friend can"t believe everything friend see and also these places undoubtedly prove the Alaskan bush People is no as precise - or landscape - together it cases to be.

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the actors of alaskan bush people
Seeing how others live is fascinating, and it"s even more true once the subjects of our fascinating live in offbeat places. That defines how shows prefer the exploration Channel"s Alaskan shrub People have drawn so much attention. While there are plenty of indications that the present is fake already, it"s the location part that yes, really bothers viewers.

After all, we"ve caught a many things the are just off about the cast and also their lives. They might be tucked away in the wilderness, but they can"t hide everything around the show and also what happens when the cameras stop.

We assumed we"d take it a look at where the show has been filmed so far, prove the present is fake based completely on the fact that it"s not actually filmed in the Alaskan Bush.

Browntown cabin in the woods Radar Online
first of all, the Brown family constantly calls your abode "Browntown," where they wind up. And while the show began with castle on one island near the coastline of Alaska, they"ve relocated their city a bunch of times. That doesn"t really do for one authentic viewing experience, does it?

Noah Brown prevent the camera Distractify
The Browns" very first season began at your "rural" homestead, i m sorry turned out no to be so rural. In Touch Weekly reported the the Browns had neighbors, and also those neighbors were so close by the noise from filming bugged them. So, they set off fireworks in retaliation... I beg your pardon the Browns interpreted as gunfire, prompting them come "move to their boat." ADN later explained that the residence remained in a "subdivision."

Browns checking out the Integrity YouTube
In the beforehand seasons of the show, the Alaskan shrub people had actually a boat. That was called Integrity, and the family asserted to have actually owned the forever. Eventually, they had to sell the boat, but on-screen, they had claimed they lived on it because that a time. The course, the only time the exploration Channel filmed aboard the boat was once something dramatic happened, therefore we"re not fairly sure the Browns important hunkered under on the vessel at any point.

9 Hoonah, Alaska (Near A Pizza Takeout Place)

Street in Hoonah Alaska Trover
The tabloids had actually a field day once it was revealed that the Browns" "rural" residence in Hoonah, Alaska was in reality just external town. It was rural enough that producers to be told to bring protection versus bears, In Touch Weekly explained, however not so rural that they couldn"t order the end pizza if castle wanted.

Honestly, there to be times once viewers had actually to be giggling at the Browns" approaches of hunting food. Not only did the "kids" (most were adults at the time, and also they all are now) eat leaves and also scrounge because that food, but they also claimed to need meat to survive. Because we already know lock don"t need to live turn off the land because they"re therefore close to town, this is another hint the the show is entirely staged.

7 A "Mansion" In California

Haters that the show are fast to say the the family lived in a "mansion" in California. When it"s true the home did have a swimming pool (youngest daughter Rain hung roughly it a lot), we"re not sure it constitutes a "mansion." Still, the family did live in California because that a time, while mother Ami to be undergoing therapy for cancer. Clearly, life in CA is vastly various than the "authentic" shrub experience the show is recognized for.

after ~ Ami"s health scare, the family members wound up relocating to Washington. Well, most of them, anyway. So, Browntown moved again, and also it wasn"t also in the state of Alaska in ~ all. Instead, patriarch Billy Brown went hunting for residential property in Washington. Granted, it"s tho pretty wild there. However it"s certainly not the bush.

5 property In Colorado State

The tabloids prefer to case there"s strife between Noah Brown and also the rest of the family. Yet if that"s the case, it doesn"t make lot sense for Billy Brown to have bought Noah and also his wife Rhain (and their son Elijah) a homestead in Colorado. But that"s specifically what happened, explains In Touch Weekly, and also Noah and his small family currently live really far indigenous Browntown.

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It"s no so much the exact location here that"s the issue: it"s Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown"s reluctance to develop his forever home on the mountain. While many of the Brown family members focused on structure their residences in Washington (on phibìc Star Ranch, the recent Browntown), Bam actually stays with his girlfriend and splits his time between North Carolina and new York, says SoapDirt. Further proof the present is fake because no one"s filming his actual home.

3 The "Rural" areas Of their Camp

Browntown isn’t a place, that a love that family.