For seven seasons, actor Clint pedestrian led the western TV series,Cheyenne, together the good-natured cowboy Cheyenne Bodie, experimenting the American Frontier complying with the civil War. Certification on the alphabet TV present is absolutely the role Walker is best known because that in Hollywood though he appeared on the display screen in countless other memorable functions throughout his legendary career.

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Originally hailing from Hartford, Illinois, Norman Eugene walker left high institution to job-related on a riverboat yet when that was just 17 years old chose to join the joined States merchant Marines during human being War II. After the war, he worked a series of weird jobs throughout Texas, Nevada, and also California, before he finished up do some connections in the movie industry. His very very first film duty was inJungle Gentsfollowed through Cecil B. DeMille"sThe Ten Commandments.Upon hearing the the well known director was in search of rugged men for his upcoming film, pedestrian landed himself an appointment. But on the method to the great lot, he helped a woman through her level tire and also made himself late.

"You"re late, young man," Walkerrecalled DeMille saying as soon as he arrived. When he described why, DeMille said, "Yes, I know all about it. That to be my secretary."

Walker landing a small component which finished up helping gain him associated with Warner Bros, at some point landing the function of Cheyenne Bodie top top the TV western. Standing high at 6 ft 6 with great looks come boot, he was a perfect fit because that the Wild West.

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"I think they had actually all the leading men available in Hollywood to test forCheyennetwo job in a row, and also they had actually me test v them," walker recalled in a 2012interviewfor the archive of American Television. "The very first day i was very, really nervous. I could see all these human being that I"d seen in pictures over the years and I thought, "I don"t stand a chance."

"The 2nd day, ns thought, "I"m not going to gain the project anyway therefore why don"t I just relax and enjoy it," which i did. Climate the following thing i heard around four days later was Jack Warner reviewed all the stuff, pointed come me and said, "Thatis Cheyenne.""

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Starring on the classic collection in the 50s turned Walker into a family members name and also he walk on come star in multiple movies like The Dirty Dozen,Fort Dobbs,Yellowstone Kelly,The great Bank Robbery,Send Me No Flowers,Gold the the seven Saints,More Dead 보다 Alive,Frank Sinatra"sNone but the Brave,andThe Night of the Grizzly.He also went on to show up in number of TV shows includingKodiak, The Lucy Show,Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, The Love Boat,andMaverick,as fine as many TV movie likeScream of the Wolf, Yuma,andThe Bounty Man.His final film duty was in the 1998 movie Small Soldiers as the voice the Nick Nitro.

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Walker passed away from congestive heart failure at the age of 90. The was survived by his daughter Valerie, who was among the very first female airline pilots, and also his third wife Susan Cavallari. However we"ll constantly remember him as among our favourite cowboys, Cheyenne Bodie.