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No Q Train Service in between Prospect Park and Stillwell way This Weekend

Posted on: www.silverlakestyle.com

No trains in between Prospect Park and Stillwell Av Weekend, 9:30 pm Fri to 5 to be Mon, Sep 24 – 27

D, F and also N trains and cost-free shuttle buses administer alternate service

Two shuttle bus routes carry out express and also local service:

Express buses run between Stillwell Av and Prospect Park protecting against at West 8 St, ocean Pkwy, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Neck Rd, path U, majesties Hwy, Flatbush Av 2 train and Prospect Park Q train. Transfer between shuttle buses and trains in ~ Prospect Park, Flatbush Av 2 train and Stillwell Av D, F, and N Stations.

Local buses run in between between Prospect Park and Kings Hwy Q Stations.

Transfer in between shuttle buses and also Q and also S trains in ~ Prospect Park.

• To affix between stations in the express and also local shuttle bus areas, transfer between shuttle buses in ~ Kings Hwy.

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Note to Manhattan-bound customers between Kings Hwy and Stillwell Av:

For faster organization to Manhattan, take the express or neighborhood shuttle bus to Stillwell Av and also transfer to the D, F or N trains.

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