Please raise her hand if Mindhunter has fully ruined your sleep. Same, it’s cool. As well as worrying that everyone I know is covertly a serial killer, my full-time hobby is now ~hunting minds~, whereby I average doing terrifying deep dives into the IRL murderers featured top top Netflix’s creepy yet addictive show. Nobody is scarier 보다 Ed Kemper and also the BTK Killer, but season 2 introduced us come Tex Watson. And you absolutely know his story.

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Watson was among Charles Manson’s cult followers, and also he committed some of the Manson Family’s most heinous crimes. Time to discover out an ext about him, so rotate on all the lamp in her house and also get ready to it is in freaked TF out. (Also, please note that this short article contains part gruesome details around violent acts. Continue with caution.)

He kicked turn off the Sharon Tate killing spree

Watson joined the Manson family members in the late 1960s after ~ meeting few of Manson’s cult members. Worst decision of his life—other climate killing innocent people (including Sharon) ~ above Manson’s orders.


On august 9, 1969, Manson ordered Watson and several other cult members to drive over to director roman Polanski’s house and also kill everyone in it, and Watson ended up murdering an 18-year-old named Steven Parent. This poor kid simply happened to it is in visiting the home’s caretaker and also was shot 4 times as a result.

He eliminated Sharon Tate

After breaking right into Sharon’s home, Watson undertook a horrible series of murders, consisting of those of hairdresser Jay Sebring, screenwriter Wojciech Frykowski, and also coffee heiress Abigail Folger. Most infamously, Watson stabbed a then-pregnant Sharon 16 times. Honestly, it’s simply awful.


He committed an additional murder the following nightApparently, Manson to be unimpressed by the Tate murders and had his followers kill even an ext people the next night. Your targets were a pair named Leno and also Rosemary LaBianca, that were stabbed and killed by Watson and also other members the the Manson cult. Eventually, Watson was convicted of 7 counts the first-degree murder and also one counting of conspiracy to commit murder.

He’s still in jail

Watson has actually been refuse parole 17 times and is at this time living out the remainder of his life in a san Diego correctional facility thanks to the state preventing the fatality penalty. And like so many serial killers prior to him (ugh), he’s “found God.” together in, he’s now a minister. And The 700 Club even interviewed him around what a changed guy he is, which...PASS!

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“My beliefs changed from those that Manson come trusting in Jesus Christ together my lord & Savior,” Watson claimed on his website , Abounding Love Ministries. “I was just 23 as soon as Manson’s beliefs led come the deaths of seven innocent people, which ns deeply regret. And also I regret the enormous pain I brought about their families. Today, i am 58 year old, very thankful for my brand-new life in Christ and also all He has actually done. God’s grace, which ns am so undeserving, is the sole factor for mine success and also sanity after being in jail for 35 years.”

Yeah, tho a no from me, mine dude.

He created a book

Despite the reality that honestly no one desires to hear from him, Watson composed an autobiography titled Will You die for Me? in 1978.