Dealing with a pest infestation can be a frustrating and unpleasant experience, especially if you’ve invested time and also money trying to settle it yourself. Because pests deserve to spread disease, reason physical damage to your home, and also trigger health issues, it’s essential to address the infestation as quickly as possible.

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Hiring a expert pest control firm can take treatment of current issues and also prevent future infestations native occurring. Below, we’ve reviewed the four best pest control companies and explain how to pick the right agency for you and also your home.

The 4 ideal pest manage companies the 2021

Most Reputable


With the Terminix Promise™†, Terminix will certainly do every little thing it takes come make sure termites and also pests room gone—and continue to be goneOnline chatAvailable in 47 states

Terminix testimonial

Visit Site866-783-3517
Why we made decision Terminix The Terminix team is comprised of certified graduate and PhD-level entomologists that have arisen pest control assets for the government, authored scientific publications, and lectured to scientific and community groups roughly the world. Additionally, customers deserve to take benefit of straightforward online chat role to gain real-time solutions.

The agency offers basic pest regulate plans quarterly or bi-monthly, and also mosquito and tick services. It is generally one that the much more affordable carriers in the industry and provides a Terminix Promise™ come ensure finish customer satisfaction.

To gain started with Terminix, fill the end this form or speak to 866-783-3517.

Terminix score breakdown
Plan options35 / 35
State availability5 / 5
Trustworthiness10 /10
Customer service30 / 30
Additional benefits12 / 20
Overall score92 / 100

As one of the oldest and highest-rated pest manage companies, Terminix earn a score that 92 the end of 100 points. Because of its trustworthiness and good customer service, we understood Terminix together the most reputable pest control company.

† Treatments and also Covered Pests defined in her Plan. Limitations apply. See setup for details.


Why we made decision OrkinOrkin specialization in residential and also commercial pest control across the united States and uses an incorporated Pest management (IPM) technique to control pests. The company offers a general plan to control roughly 20 common household pests consisting of ants, roaches, mice, and spiders. Additional targeted plan are obtainable for various other critters such together termites and bed bugs.

With over 1.7 million customers and also 100 year of experience, customers deserve to rest easy learning they are defended by standard technicians. Orkin’s service is backed by an outstanding quality assurance program, a team that experts, and substantial documentation of your findings and also service.

To obtain a free quote indigenous Orkin, fill out this form or contact 877-544-4104.

Orkin score failure
Plan options35 / 35
State availability5 / 5
Trustworthiness9 /10
Customer service27 / 30
Additional benefits18 / 20
Overall score94 / 100

Orkin earn 94 points the end of a 100—the highest score the the companies we reviewed. We think this firm has the most considerable coverage as result of its range and versatility of plan offerings.


Why We decided RentokilRentokil specialization in servicing both residential and also commercial properties. It offers energy-efficient and also sustainable pest manage solutions designed to both remove existing pests and also prevent future infestations.

The an international brand own four regional pest regulate companies in the unified States—Ehrlich, western Exterminator, Presto-X, and Anderson pest Solutions. This means that unlike many companies with worldwide call centers, representatives are neighborhood to your an ar and can provide tailored advice.

Get a quote from Rentokil by call 844-334-1157.

Rentokil Score Breakdown
Plan options35 / 35
State availability5 / 5
Trustworthiness6 /10
Customer service27 / 30
Additional benefits12 / 20
Overall score85 / 100

Rentokil is ranked as our 3rd best pest control company, earning an in its entirety score of 85 the end of 100. We named Rentokil the finest for local expertise, together the firm owns 4 brands that specialization in pest control for their certain location. 


Why we determined AptiveAptive is well-known for making use of an environmentally friendly method with all treatments and services. That is mission is to keep both your home and the environment defended throughout their process. The commodities used space child- and pet-friendly and also naturally created, to reduce toxicity levels.

While the agency does not sell solutions for termites or bed bugs, the protects versus most family members pests consisting of ants, rodents, fleas, and also crickets in its simple plan.

Start through a totally free Aptive quote through filling the end this form or call 855-904-0143.

Aptive score breakdown
Plan options25.5 / 35
State availability3 / 5
Trustworthiness7 /10
Customer service30 / 30
Additional benefits17 / 20
Overall score81.5 / 100

Aptive score an 81.5 out of 100. When the agency is minimal in that plans and geographic availability, the responsible treatment strategies earned it the location of finest for the environment.

How to select the ideal pest regulate company

With lot of pest manage companies available, it can be daunting to recognize which one is ideal for you and also your pest manage needs. Come narrow under your decision, ask you yourself the complying with questions when hiring a experienced exterminator:

Does the insect control firm service your area? some pest regulate providers company a wide selection or the United says while others business select areas.Does the company offer advertising services? part pest manage providers offer homes and businesses if others just serve one or the other.Does the firm offer a cost-free quote? The best method to know just how much pest manage services price is to obtain a quote indigenous a skilled before beginning treatment. Due to the fact that prices can readjust based top top the type of pest, therapy methods, her property’s square footage, and also treatment frequency, talk to a professional prior to treatment to get a far better understanding of what you will do it be paying for.What room my therapy options? The finest pest regulate companies will market a variety of natural and chemical solutions for a more targeted and also integrated pest management approach. Having actually the choice to use environment-friendly pest services is especially important if you have actually young children or pets.What walk the remediation procedure look like? Most pest manage providers will come to your residence before beginning treatment to identify the severity the the problem. This preliminary visit will likewise shape what remediation processes will be employed and how lot the therapy will cost.Is the firm efficient? If it’s complicated to contact an exterminator, possibilities are friend don’t want them servicing your home. Look for carriers that supply fast, reliable, and efficient service. Pest control companies that sell 24/7 customer company support or an application that helps you control treatments and also visits space preferred.Is there a treatment guarantee? trusted pest control companies will typically offer a satisfaction or money-back guarantee if your pest problem is not solved during their first visit. Having actually this type of insurance ensures that you and your house are protected in the occasion of future infestations.How is the this firm payment procedure structured? as with any service, it’s crucial for homeowners to know exactly how they’ll be billed. Suppliers will either fee a one-time organization fee, consistent payments based upon seasonal service, or customized billing to plan that help customers end the long-term. Review the organization contract before treatment come understand how payment works.Can you read reviews about the company? The price should constantly be, “yes.” Whether hopeful or negative, yes, really customer reviews can assist you identify if the company is precious hiring.

Are pest control companies worth it?

Pest manage companies room worth it to handle ongoing and also future insect infestations. Professional company provides master with competent technicians and also commercial-grade commodities delivering options that are nearly impossible to replicate.

Buying a insect control plan gives you accessibility to the extensive knowledge the the that company pest regulate experts. Lock know exactly how come identify and also treat insect problems, and can carry out advice and also treatment alternatives to stop future problems prior to they arise. This conserves you the time and also energy the performing your very own research and allows peace that mind knowing you have actually quality protection.

A basic pest control plan is precious it for coverage versus the bulk of household pests. These plans room designed to defend your property from the most typical problems and save homeowners the headache of taking care of it on your own. More specific coverage because that pests such as termites, bed bugs, or mosquitoes is precious it for the homeowners facing current or recurring infestations.

Score94 / 10092 / 10085 / 10081.5 / 100
AwardMost substantial plansMostreputableBest for local expertiseBest because that the environment
States Available47474623
Annual expense Range$790–$980$550–$700$600–$1,220$560–$620
BBB RatingN/aA-N/aA-
Online Chat?
WebsiteVisit SiteVisit SiteRentokil.comVisit Site
Phone #877-544-4104866-783-3517844-334-1157855-904-0143

The most common way to recognize an infestation is by physically noticing pests (think: ants marching in a trail, cockroaches scurrying across your floor, mouse in and around her kitchen, etc.) inside and also outside her home. If you don’t physically see any kind of pests, look because that the following signs:

Noise—If friend hear scurrying, chirping, fluttering, or various other abnormal noises within the home, you may be handling some type of pest. Try to pinpoint whereby the noise is comes from so you can have a pest control professional check the space.Smell—Oftentimes, if you’re managing rodents, you’ll be able to smell pee or fecal matter.

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Physical manifestations—If you see droppings or teeth marks in and around your home, she likely taking care of a insect infestation.
The cost of a insect control plan will vary based on your property and also needs. For a 2,000 square-foot home, you can expect to pay in between $550–$1,200 annually. Throughout all plans and also companies, pest regulate costs around $750 each year, despite you need to receive an separation, personal, instance inspection because that a an ext accurate estimate. The price will rely on the following: 

Degree of infestation: The much more serious the infestation, the an ext you may have to pay. Pest type: part pests cost more to treat and require added fees. Treatment process: dependency on the pests, the company may require much more intensive treatment. Property size: Your cost will be based on the dimension of your home.