EXCLUSIVE: throughout theGrio’s ‘Vote For your Life’ series, the spirituality leader urges the importance to poll on Nov. 3.

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During Sunday’s rate of theGrio’s weekly Vote For your Life panel, Bishop T.D. Jakes to be featured alongside Charlamagne Tha God, April Ryan, Byron Allen and Common to talk about the importance for black Americans to vote in the forthcoming choice on Nov. 3.

As the group talked about the strength of the African-American vote, voter suppression and holding publicly officials accountable for your actions, the minister of The Potter’s House speak candidly on what he feels is the linchpin because that success: Leadership.

Bishop Jakes used the an initial presidential dispute last Tuesday, Sept. 29, in between President Donald Trump and Former vice President Joe Biden as an instance of what he dubbed “the death of leadership.”

“What occurred on that phase that night to be a snapshot of what’s been happening in this nation for the last few years,” Bishop Jakes called host and theGrio’s VP of Digital content Natasha S. Alford. “We have gone to each other’s throat and it just epitomized whereby our nation is appropriate now.”

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READ MORE: Charlamagne Tha God, T.D. Jakes and also Common urge ‘Vote For her Life’

“We have actually international enemies that will wipe the end the whole residential discussion. That won’t be about police brutality, it won’t be around anything else. They will certainly take the entirety thing far from us,” Bishop Jakes warned. “An foe looks because that an opening and also bad leadership leaves openings, it create chaos, it spur confusion and also it appeals come the worst in humanity far better than the best in humanity.”

Despite this, Bishop Jakes is still confident for the future that the country and black voters, as lengthy as great leadership is plainly defined among the people. “I think the there is hope. Ns think the there certainly is hope. But I think that the heart of America is in ~ stake best now,” he said.

“I think we require to specify what good leadership looks like, since some of us didn’t see it in our home, several of us didn’t watch it in our school, and we don’t recognize what an excellent leadership look at like. So, us pick world by stunner stuff. We pick people since they watch nice, we choose people due to the fact that they sound nice. Look at at how they lead, how they organize your people.”

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