Tana Mongeau and also Bella Thorne recently took pleasure in a wild night together in Los Angeles with their friends, reflecting fans the their beef is lastly over.

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Tana and also Bella were among the internet’s most unexpected couples. The pair dated for two years till 2019, during which, they also became a throuple through rapper mod Sun.

The pair’s whirlwind relationship did not finish well together Tana and Bella were engaged in a bitter beef after parting ways in 2019. However, the is all in the past now as the 2 were recently snapped partying together at a LA hotspot.


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Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne party together

Tana and Bella were spotted at LA hotspot Yamashiro ~ above Wednesday, November 3.

Bella, 24, dazzled in a plunging lace dress coupled through combat boots while Tana, 23, flaunted she stunning abs in a yellow, patterned crop top through a equivalent mini skirt.

The two were joined by Bella’s fiancé Benjamin Mascolo and other friends. Tana took to Instagram later and posted some photos with Bella from their outing.

The duo is viewed posing together while partying and also dancing with their friends.

The pair supposedly strolled with the city post-dinner together a team of friends.

What to be the exes drama all about?

Tana and Bella used to it is in a loved up pair but their separation was a messy one.

Shortly after announcing your breakup, Bella accused Tana of break the girl code. The star didn’t reveal what she expected by the statement, yet many pan concluded the The Duff actress was indicating Tana’s quick romance with Mod sunlight after she had dated the before.

Tana and Jake became an item soon after her separation with Bella.

While the YouTuber was seemingly do the efforts to move on, she got ticked off as soon as her ex Bella kissed fellow social media star, Taela Dunn.

Tana, who held earlier until now, responded to the famous kiss via her tiktok writing: “People yes, really pretend to it is in my friend,” and also then continued in the comments, “It’s a joke…kinda? Like?”

As messy as it had become, Tana and also Bella’s drama was much from over at this point. The actress who seemed to have been deep disturbed by her break up v Tana exit a diss titled Stupid F**king B***h.

The song consisted of lines favor “You want me for clout, and also I should’ve thrown you out.”

From this suggest on, the duo’s subtle jabs in ~ each other were no so ethereal anymore. Bella didn’t just stop at the diss track, she likewise took come Twitter and also posted a series of Tweets with #SFB (after she song).

In this tweets, she declared that Tana “wishes” she was she (Bella), and even accused the YouTuber the “bringing up surname for attention” in an attempt to it is in “relevant.”

The 2 then took their beef come TikTok. Tana posted several videos ~ above the platform making funny of Bella’s diss track, calling her “the devil.”

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Who space they date now?

Tana briefly date musician kris Miles in 2021. The pair went public at some point in July this year, however have damaged up now. The looks favor the pair parted methods merely three weeks ~ the artist got her surname tattooed top top his arm.

Tana and also Chris went with a an extremely messy and also public separation in October which saw the 2 posting plenty of cryptic articles on their socials.

While the YouTuber’s love life appears to be in shambles ideal now, her ex, Bella, is act much better in the area.

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She is right now engaged to fiance Benjamin Mascolo. The 2 hit it turn off after meeting on the sets of your film Time Is Up. They’ve to be engaged since March 2021.