Xanax have the right to be safe once taken as prescribed end the short-term, but long term use can lead come abuse and also dependence, and some civilization may experience major side effects.

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Xanax is a renowned prescription medication. That is in the height 50 many commonly-prescribed drugs in the joined States. Mainly prescribed come treat anxiety and also sleep problems, Xanax can also be supplied to treat alcohol tap the money symptoms and also seizures. 

Xanax is a prescription medication with legitimate clinical uses, so people may think the it is completely harmless. Unfortunately, some might be unaware the the risks associated with misuse and addiction come Xanax, some of which have the right to be significantly dangerous.

What does Xanax Do?

A far-reaching part of knowledge why Xanax is possibly dangerous requires learning about its effects on the mind and nervous system. Xanax belongs to a course of drugs dubbed benzodiazepines or “benzos,” i beg your pardon were very first marketed to the public in the 1960s together a safer different to barbiturates. Other benzos as well as Xanax the are generally prescribed include Ativan, Valium, Klonopin and Librium.

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Xanax deserve to be dangerous due to the fact that of the means it affect the brain. Follow to experts, it acts on neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals, called GABA. These neurotransmitters space responsible because that the relaxing results of benzodiazepines since they slow the brain and concerned system’s activity. When this is beneficial and effective for world who battle with anxiety, panic or sleep problems, that can come to be harmful with ongoing benzodiazepine use. This is because the nervous mechanism adapts to the results of benzos ~ above the GABA system. Once a human being stops taking benzos, the body does not develop sufficient GABA on its own. This can lead a human to end up being dependent upon this drugs. 

The results of benzos choose Xanax space so strong that even civilization who take Xanax for just 3-4 mainly can end up being dependent and begin to suffer withdrawal if they suddenly stop taking the drug. Experts, therefore, introduce that medical professionals limit benzo prescriptions to doses that last for 1-2 weeks. Recurring use of Xanax can lead come tolerance, causing human being to require larger and larger doses. 

Why Xanax is attention in the Long-Term?

Xanax is dangerous no just due to the fact that it can produce tolerance and also dependence, but it can likewise cause an unfavorable health impacts over time. Because that example, research study has presented that older adults that take benzos, specifically for longer than six months, room at a higher risk of emerging Alzheimer’s disease. 

In addition to health problems associated with continuous Xanax use, the withdrawal the occurs once someone ceases long-term Xanax use have the right to be dangerous. Some human being may experience mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, such together the following, follow to Harvard clinical School:

IrritabilitySleep problemsRestlessnessWeaknessPain Blurry visionRacing heart

Long-term benzodiazepine usage can additionally lead to major withdrawal symptoms, such as hallucinations or seizures. Recent research says benzo tap the money seizures deserve to sometimes lead to coma or death, including to the perform of factors why Xanax deserve to be dangerous. 

Why Xanax is dangerous When combined With various other Substances?

Xanax is likewise dangerous since of the potential for overdose and also death that can occur when blended with other substances choose alcohol. Civilization will often mix Xanax v alcohol come amplify the relaxation and also sedative impacts of the drug, however the side effects can it is in deadly.

Alcohol, prefer Xanax, depresses the main nervous system and promotes the task of GABA in the brain. When Xanax and alcohol room taken together, over-sedation can occur. Over-sedation outcomes in an boosted risk of dangerous accidents, excessive respiratory depression and also loss of consciousness. A human who has an unified Xanax and alcohol might exhibit symptoms such as drowsiness, slurred speech, a slow pulse, troubles v coordination, delirium, seizures and even coma or death.

Overdose is another dangerous threat of taking Xanax. This hazard is intensified when Xanax is merged with alcohol or various other drugs, yet it can additionally happen on its own if someone takes a large dose. Overdoses involving a mix of Xanax and also alcohol are unfortunately common; in 2010, 26.1% the benzo-related deaths connected alcohol. 

The potential for addiction and also dependence, irreversible health risks such together memory and cognition problems and the threats of mixing Xanax with various other drugs are additionally reasons Xanax have the right to be dangerous. If Xanax is a drug with therapeutic services in some cases, it’s crucial for people to recognize the threats of this drug and also take castle seriously. Short-term use have the right to be safe when a human being takes Xanax together prescribed by a doctor, but ongoing use deserve to be dangerous. 

If you or who you recognize needs help stopping the usage of Xanax or one more drug, The Recovery village can help. Our addiction specialists are experts in dealing with addiction come benzodiazepines, other substances and also co-occurring mental health conditions. Contact today to begin the journey to recovery.

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