The Atlanta Braves won their an initial World collection in over 20 years. Now, that time to celebrate with a complimentary taco.

On Nov. 4, Taco Bell is offering out totally free Doritos Locos tacos.

The chain recently claimed Atlanta Braves’ second baseman Ozzie Albies together this year “Taco Hero.” Albies stole 2nd base in the an initial inning of video game 1, allowing Taco Bell to officially relocate forward v its “Steal a Base, steal a Taco” promotion, USA today reported.

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That means cost-free Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos taco for anyone — as lengthy as offers last, according to a news release sent out to the News.

How to insurance claim your civilization Series totally free taco

There are a couple of ways to claim your cost-free taco ~ above Nov. 4:

Taco Bell Rewards members can go ahead and redeem their cost-free taco currently via the app or online, follow to a news release. Client will also be may be to acquire their totally free taco every day ~ above Nov. 4 either in-store, with Taco Bell’s website or via that app.

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ozzie just stole a base. This brand-new Taco Hero won America a cost-free
— Taco Bell (
tacobell) October 27, 2021
The giveaway — currently in its 10th year — is booked for all day Nov. 4.

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