T-Boz puts the “cool” in TLC. As component of among the most successful girl groups of all-time, T-Boz led the trio with her smooth and also raspy ton in your hit songs as they conquered the music market with diamond selling albums favor CrazySexyCool.

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But with money and also fame, T-Boz yearned because that someone come share her life with and found just that when she married gangsta lab artist, Mack 10.

T-Boz and Mack 10 | Jim Smeal/Ron Galella repertoire via Getty Images

Their marital relationship didn’t critical long and also was riddled with allegations of abuse and also terroristic threats. However if girlfriend ask Mack 10, the allegations versus him were fabricated. He claims he and also T-Boz always had a great relationship and have one even better one post-divorce.

T-Boz cases Mack 10 was abusive in divorce proceedings

T-Boz and Mack 10 married in an out ceremony overlooking the Pacific ocean in 2000. They met during the collection of TLC’s “Unpretty” music video clip and in ~ weeks, he proposed with a 13-carat diamond ring he had custom-made because that his new lady.

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They planned for a summer wedding after your announcement but weeks before the scheduled ceremony, T-Boz found that she was pregnant v their an initial child. Castle married when she to be eight months pregnant. 

But their sweet romance went increase in flames and also T-Boz filed for divorce in June 2004 and also the separation was messy. In her divorce proceedings, she alleged the Mack 10 cheated throughout their marriage however that his biggest sin to be being one abuser. The TLC singer claimed that she’d skilled physical abuse indigenous Mack 10 on numerous occasions and also that he’d even threatened to kill her.

One of the many chilling accounts of the alleged abuse happened two years before her divorce filing, according to paperwork acquired by CBS in southern Carolina.

Mack 10 and T-Boz 2000 | Steve W. Grayson/Online USA

The news station provided that when trying to leaving her husband’s home, he ordered their three-year-old daughter out of her arms, propelled her come the floor twice when she tried to gain their daughter earlier and choked her. She claimed that when she was being choked, Mack 10 threatened to death her. Police were referred to as to the residence and also remained over there while T-Boz and her daughter left.

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She likewise reported in the divorce paperwork the she tried come break things off with Mack 10 number of times yet was scared to leave for good because the rapper endangered her life by promising to “erase” her. The final incident of physical abuse came simply days before she filed because that divorce.