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CONCORD, N.C. -- The move from Chevrolet to Ford during the offseason was an ext than just an undertaking of putting new body panels ~ above the cars because that Stewart-Haas Racing.

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Drew Hallowell/Getty ImagesAs component of the switch, SHR now specifically relies on structure its own chassis (the vehicle frame) rather of obtaining chassis from Hendrick Motorsports. That readjust by itself meant including people come the payroll and a lot more work to gain ready because that 2017.

Team co-owner Tony Stewart seems pleased with how his team has actually converted to a brand-new fleet that cars. Speak at the Ford performance racing assistance center, Stewart said Wednesday the feels i was sure his team has been arranged well sufficient to make the switch without losing a beat. The team announced the manufacturer change 11 month ago.

"I don"t recognize that necessarily we would have actually re-bodied every the cars, however the aero parcel is various so every one of ," Stewart said. "We did have actually a huge addition employee-wise, yet it was more because the the chassis department than it to be anything else.

"We were aligned up because that this. We were prepared for it. We had plenty that time to prepare for this offseason, so as soon as the finish of the season came about, we were prepared to go full heavy steam ahead."

SHR doesn"t construct engines. That will move from Hendrick engines to Ford providers Roush Yates Engines.

Stewart claimed he feel the change so much was smoother 보다 he assumed it would certainly be when the team do the decision to change, a decision it did no take lightly considering Stewart"s long relationship with general Motors and also the high quality cars and also engines SHR had actually in winning the 2011 title through Stewart and also the 2014 title through Kevin Harvick.

"It take it a lot of meetings," Stewart said around Ford"s recruitment of SHR. "I learned something a lengthy time ago -- the doesn"t expense a dime come listen.

"So ~ the 2nd meeting, ns realized just how serious they yes, really were about this and realized very quickly this to be something we needed to explore and also run through and also take very, really seriously."

The addition of SHR gives Ford two 2017 potential championship establishments in SHR and also Team Penske. 2 of Ford"s greatest racing namesakes -- Roush Fenway Racing and Richard small Motorsports -- have actually struggled, through both institutions downsizing by one auto for 2017.

"The downsizing that you"ve viewed is a method for us to re-focus those teams and get back to the fundamentals and also get them earlier on the ideal path," said Ford Performance an international director Dave Pericak. "You don"t desire to have so lot going on the you can"t emphasis in areas that you have to focus and also fix what you need."

Pericak trust the 2017 aerodynamic package, i m sorry has decreased downforce in the cars, will aid the Fords be an ext competitive.

Even good performance doesn"t constantly translate right into sponsorship. When SHR will ar four car in 2017, Clint Bowyer, stand in front of a Mobil 1-branded vehicle during the event even though Mobil just has a couple of races v Bowyer following season. The team has actually not announced one anchor sponsor for the majority of races because that Bowyer, who replaces Stewart in the No. 14 NASCAR Cup car.

"We"re quiet working, still searching for sponsors for the 14 vehicle so feel free to carry whatever you"ve got," Stewart called the media.

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The Bowyer automobile would operation without sponsorship, if necessary, or v the Haas Automation logos that team co-owner Gene Haas on the car. Even with Ford support (manufacturers provide teams money in enhancement to engineering support), Stewart said sponsorship is vital.

"We"ve still acquired to do our job," Stewart said. "I don"t think the alleviates much of anything. Us still need to go out and do our job and get the sponsorship we need to run the car."