It is November 7, 2021, and we room happy to check that the island is currently open if you meet certain testing and/or vaccination criteria. Restrictions top top nightlife to be officially lifted on august 31, together there is the COVID data has dramatically improved, unequal on various other French Caribbean islands. An excellent news: The CDC has actually put St Barths ago to Level 1, the shortest alert level possible, since late October.

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For the moment, the so-called health pass (a QR code that you lug in an app or top top paper), i m sorry is forced in Mainland France, to get in restaurants, for instance, is not in use. Yet, the authorities may start requiring the by mid-September. Read below to see exactly how to gain the pass free of charge.

No more curfew – Night constraints lifted on august 31

Decisions that were restricting evening and night tasks have to be reversed. Health data show that the virus is less current on the island, as there are no more COVID patient at the neighborhood hospital, and as the tourist season is over.

Bars and also restaurants might remain open up until midnight. Bars and restaurants may remain open up until midnight. The ban on the sale of alcohol come take far after 6 afternoon is additionally lifted.

St Barths: Digital wellness pass in place to visit restaurant and also bars since mid-September

Since mid-September, 2021, you need a wellness pass in St Barts if you are going come a restaurant or a bar. No need for various other venues, but mask-wearing is mandatory within shops (e.g. Supermarkets and also hairdressers.)

US travelers: If girlfriend are fully vaccinated and also own a CDC card, every you have to do is to show it at the door that the restaurant or bar.

How to obtain your wellness pass / happen sanitaire? (hint: your CDC card is enough)

The health and wellness pass is not compelled for kids under 12.The pass should prove one of the three complying with items:

That friend are totally vaccinated (with one EMA-approved vaccine or similar):Seven work after the 2nd shot for two-shot vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);Four weeks after ~ the shot for one-shot vaccines (Johnson & Johnson);Seven days after the shot because that vaccines administered to human being who have currently had COVID-19 (only one sheep is necessary).OR that you have been tested (PCR or antigen) with a an unfavorable result in ~ the last 48hrs;OR that you have recovered from COVID-19, attested by a confident PCR or antigen check result, at the very least 15 days and also no an ext than 6 months old.

Passes have the right to be:

in paper form (proof of vaccination or check result). They include a QR code that will be scanned on entry right into the meet or event. Note that, in St Barths, locals many often enable Americans to obtain in if they present their CDC card.

The wellness pass is not forced for children under 12.

If girlfriend are totally vaccinated, you can get currently get your French health pass. You have actually to use for it on a French federal government website (page obtainable in English). You must have been vaccinated through a vaccine i beg your pardon is embraced by the european Medicines agency or an indistinguishable for over :

4 main if you obtained a one-dose injection (Johnson&Johnson);

7 days after the second injection because that two-dose vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);

7 work after the injection if you have actually recovered indigenous COVID-19 (in this case, only one dose is necessary);

Otherwise, a an unfavorable result of an antigen test taken in ~ a pharmacy grants the user a health pass that is precious for three days (72 hours).

St Barths reopining: boundaries are tho open

On June 5, the French authorities officially relaxed the entry conditions to St Barths. Yet, some constraints are quiet in place. Below are the rules together of October 4:

If you space coming indigenous France or a gree list country (e.g. The europe Union, Canada), you must be totally vaccinated.If you are coming native an orange or red list country (e.g. The US, the UK), you should be totally vaccinated and also to display the an outcome of a PCR or an anti-genic COVID test.

Important note #1: What walk “fully vaccinated” mean in the eye of the French authorities?

You require to have the ability to show proof of vaccination and also observe a time lag in between your critical shot and your come on the island. Precisely:

2 weeks ~ the second injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) ;4 weeks after the injection because that vaccines through a solitary injection (Johnson & Johnson);2 weeks ~ injection (only one injection required) of a vaccine in world with a background of Covid-19.

Important keep in mind #2: How around children and teens?

We are getting a lot of questions indigenous families, for this reason we discovered it crucial to clarify the process. As per the keep in mind of the chairman of the St Barths travel Bureau:

Visitors under the age of 18 execute not should be vaccinated (from 10 come 18: no vaccine, however test required)Visitors under the age of 10 perform not require to gain tested (under 10: no vaccine, no test)

Case #1: because that Americans, Brits and also other civilization from a country on the orange/amber perform (see full list and map below)

Fully vaccinated Americans and also Canadians have the right to now enter the island, with no must self-isolate on arrival. No an ext need come register prior to your arrival with the local authorities either. Non-vaccinated have the right to enter, but there are an ext constraints. Kids under 11 are exempted from this requirements.Please note that there space still trial and error requirements for all. Americans return from St Barths to the US should know that the CDC has just put St Barts earlier on Level 2.

If friend are completely vaccinated, below are the St Barths COVID entrance requirements:

Proof of vaccination,Either a an unfavorable PCR test less than 72 hours old or a negative antigenic test much less than 48 hrs old,No trial and error on arrivalNeither quarantine no one self-isolation

If you room not totally vaccinated, right here are the St Barths COVID entry requirements:

Things have actually not adjusted here. You space still required to have a compelling reason to travel, to record it, and to be able to prove it on arrival. Some human being have to be refused entry, execute not garbage time and money by trying to go about it.

Either a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old or a an unfavorable antigenic test less than 48 hours old,Possible trial and error on arrival7-day self-isolation / quarantine

Better news for united state travelers: less complicated re-entry into the US, with St Barth ago at Level 1

The CDC has actually now placed St Barts earlier Level 1: “Low Level that COVID-19 in Saint Barthelemy”). No more recommended self-isolation upon go back to the US. Us are ago to “Make certain you are completely vaccinated before traveling to Saint Barthelemy.”.

What is essential for american to recognize is the things carry out not readjust for totally vaccinated travelers:

If you arefully vaccinatedwith one FDA-authorized vaccine or a vaccine authorized by emergency usage by the human being Health Organization:

You perform NOT have actually to acquire tested prior to leaving the united States, unless your location requires it. You perform NOT have to self-quarantine ~ you come in the joined States.
Source: CDC

Case #2: because that France, EU, EU+, other nations on the eco-friendly list (see complete list and map below)

Here are the rules because that the europe Union and “EU+” area (e.g. Switzerland), Australia, southern Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, brand-new Zealand, and Singapore.

If you are “fully vaccinated”, right here are the St Barths COVID entry requirements:

Proof the vaccination,No testing on departure (if you space in transit somewhere, clock out)No trial and error on arrivalNeither quarantine no one self-isolation

If you room not fully vaccinated”, here are the St Barths COVID entry requirements:

Either a an unfavorable PCR test less than 72 hours old or a negative antigenic test less than 48 hours old,Possible testing on arrival7-day self-isolation / quarantineNew test after 7 days

Case #3: For nations on the red perform (see complete list and also map below)

Whether you are vacccinated or not:

Either a an unfavorable PCR test much less than 72 hrs old or a an unfavorable antigenic test less than 48 hours old,Possible trial and error on arrival7-day self-isolation / quarantine

Understanding the requirements: green (e.g. E.U.), Orange (e.g. The U.S), and also Red (e.g. Brazil) countries

The requirements depend on whether your departure country has been classified as:

GREEN: (no energetic circulation of the virus, no variants of worry identified): europe Union + Schengen area (e.g. Switzerland), Australia, southern Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, new Zealand, and also Singapore.ORANGE (also referred to as AMBER): most countries, including the US and CanadaRED: (active virus circulation, concerns about COVID-19 variants): Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Pakistan, southern Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Turkey, Uruguay.

You can come in as lengthy as you monitor the steps described below. The is an excellent to see that ours island of Saint Barthélemy has actually now moved towards a full official re-opening.

Key to all travel limitations lifted: The success of the St Barths inoculation drive

As usual, the local St Barths authorities room using the island’s little size and good logistics to obtain things done fast; just as they did after Hurricane Irma struck the island.

As that November 2021, the vaccination rate is 75% in St Barths, which is one of the highest possible rates in the Americas.

So, the vaccination project looks to be a success and we hope the the regional authorities will be able to open the doors an ext widely soon.

St Barts take trip advisory

St Barth Island, Caribbean sea

Is St Barths open up for travel and tourism?

Can you take trip to St Barths right now? Yes, you can, listed you are completely vaccinated and also you space either on the environment-friendly or orange perform of countries

Due come COVID-19, you should know about travel restrictions in St Barths, as well as from and earlier to your own country. We will focus here ~ above the US, Canada, and also France, where many of the island’s guests are from.

Are people traveling to St Barth’s appropriate now? Yes, they are, however they need to vaccinated against COVID-19.

Over the year 2020, the variety of airport arrivals managed to reach 118,813, a 35% drop compared with the document year of 2019. Overall, airport and port web traffic picked up again in summer 2020 and in October. The island was greatly closed off from April to May. Thanksgiving 2020 and Christmas / brand-new Year’s night 2020 were pretty active, also if we had actually fewer tourist (airport arrivals were under by 17% because that the critical week of the year 2020, compared with 2019).

Restaurants, hotels, villa rental agencies, beaches, supermarkets space all open. Only renowned cabaret Le Ti St Barth is closeup of the door for varied reasons. Yet, the new travel ban has actually temporarily do it difficult for travellers to reach the island.

What is the main U.S. Travel advisory because that St Barths?

As of at an early stage October 2021, this is what the CDC was showing for St Barths:

Level 2: center Level the COVID-19 in Saint BarthelemyMake certain you are completely vaccinated before traveling to Saint Barthelemy.Unvaccinated travelers who room at raised risk because that severe illness from COVID-19 must avoid nonessential take trip to Saint Barthelemy. If you should travel and also have concerns, speak to your doctor.Travelers need to follow referrals or requirements in Saint Barthelemy, consisting of wearing a mask and also staying 6 feet apart from others.

Is St Barts on the quarantine list?

St Barts COVID check entry requirements, rules, and also restrictions

The local St Barths authorities have invested early and also heavily into testing and vaccinating the population.

St Barth Island, Caribbean sea

St Barts COVID trial and error centers

COVID-19 testing centers located on the island that St Barths:PCR , RT-PCR, and Antigen, run by the regional authorities, the Red Cross, and the French health and wellness authorities: The COVID-19 drive-through experimentation facility is located in the Saint-Jean parking lot of in prior of the cemetery. Note that only non-resident travelers can gain an Antigen test there (cost: €40).Monday to Friday indigenous 8:00 am to 1:45 pm, please arrive prior to 10:45 am for the RT-PCR testSaturday native 8:00 to be to 11:45 am, you re welcome arrive before 9:45 am because that the RT-PCR testThe testing center is closed on Sundays and also holidays.Antigen tests are easily accessible at neighborhood pharmcaciesPCR test: Symptomatic persons or contact instances are invite to be experiment by PCR in ~ the Bio Pôle Antilles activities in Gustavia, open from 12 to 1 pm from Monday come Friday and also from 9 come 10 to be on Saturday. A couple of resources you require to obtain checked in the US before coming come St Barths

What if you are connecting to St Barths (SBH) via Sint Maarten / Saint boy name (SXM)?

The application need to be completed in order to it is in processed. This includes proof the a negative COVID-19 test result, information top top the vaccination status (including proof of completed inoculation in case fully vaccinated) and also the purchase of the mandatory COVID-19 insurance in case required. Children must have actually the digital health form filled out by their parents. Administer a working email address on i beg your pardon you room reachable.No an ext COVID test due to the fact that November 1, if you space vaccinated.If you are traveling to St Barts via St Martin, girlfriend will additionally be compelled to complete an application form for entry to St Martin and also submit it prior to your departure, in addition to information on your COVID-19 check results.Please keep in mind that girlfriend will likewise need to apply for entry come Sint Maarten on your return flight, back no added testing is required.Before boarding, girlfriend will have actually to show proof the you respect St Barths’s entry requirements (i.e., a negative rt-PCR check within 72 hrs + inoculation proof). See over our paragraph about St Barths demands for an ext details.

What if you room connecting to St Barths (SBH) via mountain Juan / Puerto Rico (SJU)?

If you space traveling to St. Barts via the mountain Juan airport (SJU), you perform not must fill out the online take trip request form required to take trip to Puerto Rico.You need to show your an unfavorable Covid-19 test an outcome and vaccination proof. You have the right to then affix to your trip to St. Barts.The same applies when you travel through San Juan ~ above your method home.

Mask-wearing and social distancing rule in St Barths

Locals and visitors are compelled to wear masks indoors (e.g., boutiques, supermarkets). In some restaurants, you might be forced to wear a mask once you are going to or leaving her table.

People space invited to exercise social distancing. Because that instance, restaurants have reduced their capacity to provide much more space in between tables.

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St Barts COVID number (November 2021 update): Coronavirus cases, COVID rate of infection, and also risk level

These space the main coronavirus data due to the fact that THE begin of the pandemic in march 2020. As of early on November 2021, the number of brand-new infections is decreasing again, after ~ a surge in mid-August. Most instances are connected to younger people. Yet, because that the very first time, ours island’s old people’s home has actually been hit. Two residents obtained COVID and died. With much more than 75% of the adult populace already vaccinated, the health situation seems under control.