Sony and Disney do a brand-new agreement that allows Holland"s Spider-Man to show up in one more standalone, and also one non-standalone, MCU movie.

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Spider-Man pan breathed a sigh of relief once Disney and also Sony announced in September lock had concerned a new agreement to enable Tom Holland’s web-slinger to stay in the Marvel Cinematic cosmos for an additional standalone movie and also an illustration in a non-standalone movie. The original commitment to re-publishing the character was terminated last August, creating doubt end whether or no Holland’s Spider-Man would go back to the MCU after famous appearances in “Captain America: civil War,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and also “Spider-Man: much From Home.” The latter grossed end $1 exchange rate at the global box office critical summer. Holland’s Spider-Man is remaining with the MCU for now, yet the actor speak MTVthat fans wouldn’t have had actually to concern if the superhero got pulled away from Disney.

“The future because that Spider-Man to be still an extremely bright v Sony,” Holland states in the video clip interviewwhile fostering his new Disney-Pixar adventure “Onward” (via The Playlist). “We had actually a really, really wonderful idea exactly how we could sort of shift into a Spider-Man without the MCU. Tom RothmanandAmy Pascalwere yes, really confident that they to be gonna execute justice and also make a film of the caliber the Spider-Man requires.But that said, I’m yes, really glad come be back in the MCU and to have actually the team back together due to the fact that I kind of feel like it’s wherein he belong now.”



Holland to be a vital player in obtaining Disney and Sony come agree to new terms to share the character for at least an additional MCU movie. It must be stressed the brand-new deal is just for another MCU “Spider-Man” movie and also one Spider-Man illustration in another MCU movie, definition it’s possible after this contractual obligations Holland’s Spider-Man still does departure the MCU. Holland personally dubbed Iger after ~ the news damaged the character would be leave the MCU in order come express his sadness. Holland’s passion to continue to be in the MCU kept conversations in between the 2 Hollywood studios open.

“I’m really thankful thatBob Igerand Tom Rothman allowed me to be a component of the process of bringing that home,” Holland speak MTV. “It was a pretty cool suffer and likewise the finest bragging legal rights ever: I saved Spider-Man.”

The fourth MCU movie special Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has been collection for a theatrical release on July 16, 2021.

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