Soulja Boy began his career in 2005 through the website Soundclick. Climate gradually became a professional rapper and got famous. Anyway, permit talk about his an individual life. Walk Soulja Boy have actually a son?Well, the answer is yes. In 2016, Soulja boy Tweeted ~ above his account that his boy will it is in born soon. From this Tweet, we are sure he has a son. However, that did no post an image with his son and did not expose his son’s mother. 

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Soulja young / photo / Instagram:
It to be a substantial loss because that his family. They did no accept the reality first. Soulja Tweeted top top his account about his brother’s death and expressed his feelings. He composed like…“At home crying my eyes out i can’t think my Lil bro is gone… now is so no my day.. RIP lil brother love friend always”As a brother, that not basic to expropriate his younger one is no anymore. His fans likewise showed condolences because that his brother. This is an immature death for his family. 

Musical Style

Soulja has challenged controversies for creating a distinctive and new rapping style. His lyrical and rapping layout is more different from others. In 2010, means gave one interview to XXL Magazine about his rapping style. At the time he stated that…I can’t save playin’ around, because if you store playin’ around, human being are gonna think you’re a hoax … At some point, you have to acquire serious. Yet don’t obtain it twisted, Soulja no wanna be the following Lupe Fiasco. Ns don’t desire to be super-Lupe-Fiasco-lyrical and niggas don’t recognize what the f*ck I’m talk about,” the added. “I desire to be the best,” He also included that “I desire to be well-known in that category where ns nominated for best Rapper through Jay-Z and also Kanye and also Wayne. I wanna acquire a Grammy. I want best Rap Album the the Year … i’ve made countless dollars turn off of doing mine style, but, hey, I deserve to rap, too.However, that was additionally banned because that his music lyrics. In ~ the exact same time, he obtained appreciation and also criticism because that his lyrics. Since he supplied sexual words in several songs. 

How to be Soulja’s Life before Fame

Soulja Boy started working in 2004. Before 2004, that was invented his attention in music. So, he searched for a ideal chance to learn music and also beat. However, method was decided to learn exactly how to rap, and also beat. Climate he began recording his music. That journey to be not basic for him. Since he belongs to a middle-class household where they supported him to inspire no financially. So, he needs to struggle for gaining known through people.

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Because of his hard work and also talent, he accomplished everything the he has. This is the finest success for him. Above all, his life before getting reputation was not favorable and he needs to struggle for his position in the rapper industry.