U.S. Chairman Donald Trump indications the executive Order Promoting farming and landscape Prosperity in America as farming Secretary Sonny Perdue look at on during a roundtable with farmers on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 in the Roosevelt Room the the White residence in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)
By Christopher Quinn - The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionTamar Hallerman - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Claxton, Ga. -- much from the upheaval in Washington, farming Secretary Sonny Perdue spent Thursday amid noodle fields and pine trees, touting a $4.5 million federal give to bring high speed web to this landscape area in between Savannah and Vidalia.

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He make his method around a circle of around 40 masking Georgians at Spring hollow Farm, share elbow or fist bumps and a few words v each. He take it the dais, drawing laughs after informing a federal government employee who listed his accomplishments, “Thank you Joyce, that was very nice considering i won’t it is in signing your inspect in the future.”

After the ceremony, that leaned top top the hood that his government-issue black Suburban come chat through a regional businessman together if he had all the time in the world.




But the 2 fires that overcame much of Perdue’s time in Washington were mainly out of his control: Trump’s trade wars that reduced off large export industries like China, and also COVID-19, i beg your pardon made that harder for farmers to acquire their plants to customers.

Perdue’s hand-in-glove partnership with Trump, meanwhile, made him a polarizing figure when it involved policy. Come his critics, Perdue was a yes man who muffled climate science studies, triggered an exodus the researchers and also tried to absent low-income Americans turn off food stamps.

“He’ll it is in remembered again and again for sidelining science, play political games,” stated Karen Perry Stillerman the the nonprofit Union of came to Scientists.

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Perdue no escape the principles scandals that hit Trump’s cabinet. Last fall the commonwealth Office of one-of-a-kind Counsel rule Perdue violated the hatch Act — i m sorry forbids government employees from marketing on the task — after ~ he showed up with trump card in phibìc Carolina in August and promised continued help to farmers if they voted because that the president.