Sling TV is a live TV streaming application that is accessible only in the unified States. The is the very first live streaming business for cord-cutters. The Live TV channels accessible are CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central, Food Network, Lifetime, AMC, History, TNT, FOX, CBS, and also much more. It would certainly be beneficial to watch live sporting activities on the Samsung clever TV. Let’s talk about the procedure to stream Sling TV top top Samsung clever TV.

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Sling TV has cloud DVR storage to record the live programming, and also it permits simultaneous record of the content. The Cloud DVR storage of Sling TV is 50 hours, and it has actually special TV networks for children to watch cartoons, computer animation movies, and also shows. The streams the TV channel in 4K HD streaming quality.

Sling TV Subscription

Sling TV has actually only paid subscriptions because that streaming the TV channels, and also it is of 2 packages. Over there are couple of common TV networks in both packages. Girlfriend can uncover the no. Of the streaming machine vary for each package. It has actually add-ons for the premium TV networks to it is in purchased separately.

Subscription Plan cost per month
Sling TV Blue$35
Sling TV Orange$35
Sling TV Blue + Orange$50

How come Stream Sling TV ~ above Samsung smart TV

(1). Start the Samsung clever TV and press the Smart Hub button on the remote.

(2). Choose Apps top top the residence screen and also click the Search icon in the Apps.


(3). Type Sling TV in the search and also select Install to install Sling TV top top the Samsung clever TV.

(4). Click Open come launch the Sling TV app, and it mirrors an Activation password to activate the app.

(5). Go to the Sling TV website using on the smartphone or PC.

(6). Go into the Activation Code and select Continue.


(7). Log in v your Sling TV subscription and also choose the TV channel come stream ~ above the TV.

Alternative way to present Sling TV

The alternative means to currently Sling TV ~ above Samsung TV is the display mirroring with the SmartThings app, and the app is available on the Smartphone store. Before proceeding, you need to download the Sling TV app on the smartphone v Google beat Store, application Store.

(1). Make certain that the smartphone and the Samsung smart TV are associated to the very same Wi-Fi network.

(2). Download the SmartThings app native the Google play Store, app Store top top the Android Phone, iphone phone respectively.


(3). Open up the SmartThings app and tap Add devices in the app.

(4). Pick the Samsung smart TV and connect to the TV.

(5). Beginning the Sling TV app and also sign in to your subscription.

(6). Choose the TV channel on the Sling TV and also watch the live streaming ~ above the smart TV.

Sling TV not working on the Samsung smart TV

At times, the Sling TV application may protect against working on the Samsung TV or obtain stuck in a single screen, can not to move to the following screen. You deserve to do certain actions to recover from this condition.

Uninstall the app and also install that again native the clever Hub Store.Power off the TV – rotate off the TV and also leave the for few minutes come reboot the TV for quick functioning.

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Hence, Sling TV is the best and also cheapest streaming service to get maximum TV entertainment. It likewise offers some worldwide TV networks for streaming other region content. If girlfriend have any kind of troubles v the Sling TV, carry out let us recognize in the comments section.

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