SKILLET's man COOPER states His 'Jesus Freak' mom Felt the Rock Music was 'The best Tool the The Devil'

April 4, 20210Comments


In a brand-new interview v "The Dr. Jeff Show", John Cooper, the frontman and bassist for the Grammy-nominated Christian rock tape SKILLET, spoke about his music upbringing and his arrival to absent music. He claimed (as spelling, orthography by "My parents were Christians. My mommy was a fanatical Jesus freak, every right? A fanatical Jesus freak. And also I always give the stipulation that I median that in a one-hundred-percent optimistic way. Sometimes civilization wonder if I"m saying it bad. A fanatical Jesus freak. My mother was the human being that would certainly take her kids to the grocery store, and also in the center of the frozen foods items section, she would satisfy a stranger and also start share the gospel with them, and also , "Can i pray because that you?" and as a kid, you"d it is in sitting over there holding your mom"s hand and also be, like, "Oh my gosh. Here we go. Just how long is this gonna last?" My mom was simply fanatical around Jesus. Ns cannot mental a time every morning once my mommy was not reading the holy bible to me. I had an older brother; my brother was 4 years older than me. So before school every day, she would check out the Bible. Therefore he began going come school as soon as he to be five. That puts me at one, 2 years old, and also I simply remember sit at the table and listening come the Bible. Therefore my totality life was favor that.

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"A funny thing my mother really felt that rock music was choose the biggest tool the the devil," the continued. "If over there was any kind of tool the the adversary that the had ever made the was going to damage the world, it to be rock music.

"When i was five years old, i was in ~ my friend"s house, and he had MTV… So i was, like, "MTV? What"s that?" he was, like, "They play music videos." ns was, like, "What carry out you median music videos?" and he verified me the video for the Michael Jackson song "Beat It", which was the awesomest track I"d ever heard. And I come home, and also I was singing "Beat It" to mine mom. And also my mom provided me the holiest butt whooping that all history for to sing the devil"s music. She just really thought that absent music was the evil, and also it was developed by the devil, and also freaked out around rock music."

Asked if his mother at some point came around and became more supportive of his attention in absent music, John said: "My mother actually happen away as soon as I to be 14. Therefore I would say around sixth grade, mine mom acquired sick with cancer. That is likewise when I very first heard of Christian absent music. "Cause i was complain to mine buddies that i couldn"t hear to METALLICA. Since I heard METALLICA in ~ the gym, at the practice room… and also METALLICA to be in there. And also I to be complaining to mine friend, "There"s no way I deserve to ever bring this home." and he said, "Well, you know there"s Christian absent music." and I said, "No. Why has this been held ago from me?" and so I brought a PETRA tape residence thinking my mom would favor it "cause it was Christian. And also my mother was therefore mad. In fact, Christian absent music was worse than mainstream absent music because it to be wolves in sheep"s clothing. And also she"s, like, "These world are offer the devil."

"Before my mom died, PETRA was coming in concert, and also all mine buddies to be going," John added. "My parents wouldn"t let me go. And my mommy was type of on she deathbed for about a year — chemotherapy 3 times a week; she was going through all sorts of weird dialysis and also everything; it to be horrible. And I think my mommy realized the this is gonna be the last major fight. It"s a really sad method to speak it, but is this the way she wants to walk out? ns think she had actually that feeling of, "All right." for this reason she said, "John, I"ll make a address you. I will take you come the PETRA concert, and when they begin praying to the devil, we"re going come leave. She really thought they to be going come pray to the devil. For this reason we went to the concert. And also my mother said ~ above the method , "I tho don"t favor Christian absent music, however I believe that those PETRA boys love Jesus.""

Last month, Cooper told the "Undaunted.Life: A Man"s Podcast" the it was perfectly fine for Christians to play absent music. "I would say that music is created not through the Devil; produced by the Lord," the said. "All points were developed by God. So rather of thinking that the evil one owns a genre the music, I would certainly say catch that music and also bring it back into subjection under the lordship the Christ."

Cooper newly published his very first book, titled "Awake & alive To fact (Finding reality In The Chaos of A Relativistic World)". It "tackles the reigning viewpoints of our day of post-modernism, relativism, and the renowned view that the goodness of man-and combats these viewpoints by stand on the absolute truth of words Of God," the book"s description reads.

In various interviews over the years, Cooper has actually said the he "always had faith in God." He also claimed the he to be willing to placed his career on the line to take it a was standing for Christ.

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