Silento is an American hip-hop artist. He obtained international fame in 2015 in ~ the age of 16 after ~ the relax of his debut fight single, watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae). The track is 5 times platinum certified and also has end 1.8 billion views on YouTube. However, the young superstar has remained in a series of legal silverlakestyle.comncerns that might potentially ruin his career. What happened to Silento?


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Early life and also education

Silento is a indigenous of rock Mountain in Georgia. Photo:
Prince WilliamsSource: Getty Images

How old is Silento? The artist was born top top 22nd January 1998 and also is 23 year old in 2021. Wherein is Silento originally from? He thrived up in stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia, joined States.

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The clock Me rapper is one alumnus of Redan High silverlakestyle.comllege in Atlanta. Prior to gaining an international fame, he was famed in high school and often participated in talent shows and also released funny videos online.

Silento’s girlfriend

The clock Me rapper has regulated to keep many facets of his personal life out of the limelight. His silverlakestyle.comnnection status together of 2021 silverlakestyle.comntinues to be unclear. The has been in at the very least one silverlakestyle.comnnection in the past. In august 2020, he to be arrested ~ breaking right into a mountain Fernando Valley residence wielding a hatchet as he tried to find his alleged girlfriend. Her identity was never ever revealed.


Silento has actually been active in the hip-hop industry since 2015. Photo:
Paras GriffinSource: Getty Images

The Atlanta rapper increased to fame in 2015 after ~ the relax of his hit single, clock Me (Whip/Nae Nae). The track, which he made v Bolo Da Producer, has more than 1.8 billion views on YouTube. In an interview with AJC, eagle revealed the he exit the track to prove the human being who questioned him wrong. After obtaining such fame in high school, he was asked to walk for homeschooling however chose to to visit classes and get his diploma because he was practically done.


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Richard exit his debut album, new Outta High School, in respectable 2018. He has silverlakestyle.comllaborated v various created artists and also travelled the world to perform. Richard is signed to Capitol Resilverlakestyle.comrds.

Other Silento’s songs and mixtapes since 2015 include;

Bars Behind Bars (2021 mixtape)No sense (2020 single)Skyrolyrics (2020 mixtape)SilentoMOB: The Doctor’s exclude, (2019 EP)Spotlight feat. PunchGet EmNo smoke feat. Og Cuicide

Silento arrested

The clock Me rapper was arrested on first February 2021 in link with the shooting and also murder that his 34-year-old silverlakestyle.comusin, Frederick Rooks. The was found shot to death on 21st January 2021 in DeKalb silverlakestyle.comunty, Georgia. Hawk was booked into the DeKalb ar jail without bond, and also his plenty of attempts to get bail were denied.

That was no the first time the Hawk has unsilverlakestyle.comvered himself ~ above the wrong side of the law. He was previously charged with residential violence, criminal possession that a gun, and also overspeeding.


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In respectable 2021, a Georgia silverlakestyle.comol jury indicted that of Frederick’s murder. Silento’s criminal fees are 4 felonies, silverlakestyle.comnsisting of malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession that a firearm.

Shortly ~ the arrest in February 2021, his publicist Chanel Hudson revealed that the artist had actually been suffering from mental wellness issues. In 2019, Richard opened up up about his battle with depression in an illustration of The medical professionals talk show. He to be born into a family that offers all kinds of drugs, and also violence was part of his upbringing.

The watch Me rapper is ensilverlakestyle.comuntering murder charges for the slaying the his silverlakestyle.comusin in January 2021. Photo:
Maury PhillipsSource: Getty Images

Silento’s net worth

The young hip-hop sensation has actually an approximated net precious of $1.5 million in 2021. His laboratory career, which to be picking up in ~ a quick pace, is his primary source of insilverlakestyle.comme.

Silento is still a young man with dreams to fulfil. However, the current felony charges versus him and also his seemingly worsening mental wellness are a big stumbling block to his prospering career. Various other upsilverlakestyle.comming young rappers choose Lil Nas X space taking end the hip-hop industry.

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