In a mental trend, anti-Muslim bigotry has recently crept right into state legislatures about the country. Numerous states have actually passed or attempted come pass laws designed to avoid courts from applying Islamic or “Sharia” law, and also “foreign” or “international law.” Some, such together a constitution amendment passed in Oklahoma, cite Sharia special, in addition to international law. Rather only point out foreign or worldwide law. Everything the particular terminology, every one of these attempts raise significant red flags.

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Efforts to single out Muslims and also to advance the ugly idea that anything Islamic is un-American space unjust and also discriminatory and also should it is in rejected. Regulations that solitary out Sharia violate the an initial Amendment by dealing with one id system as suspect. Do the efforts to stop courts indigenous considering worldwide or international law suffer from constitutional flaws and undermine the capability of courts to interpret laws and treaties regarding an international business, international human rights and family law concerns such as worldwide marriages and adoptions.

Although the successfully challenged the Oklahoma law, top a commonwealth court to strike down the amendment and prevent the implementation, the tendency to implement these misguided bans is no slowing down. Part politicians have taken up the unfounded idea the American Muslims somehow wish to i have loaded Islamic regulation on U.S. Courts together a campaign issue. Various other politicians seek to score politics points by demonizing anything foreign or international. We continue to monitor policies at the state and federal levels very closely to ensure the discrimination is no written right into the regulation of the land and also that the U.S. Upholds its obligations under domestic and also international law.

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