Shannon Bream and also Fox News Channel have struck a brand-new agreement that will save the late-night anchor and chief legal correspondent on board for the next couple of years.

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Fox News said Thursday that it had involved terms on a brand-new “multi-year” pact through Bream that will keep her as an anchor the “Fox News
Night.” “Throughout she tenure, Shannon has cultivated a partnership with the Fox News’ audience that is both informative and also insightful. Her substantial knowledge of Washington politics and also the intricacies of the supreme Court have led come the continuous success that ‘Fox News
Night’ and we space looking front to more utilizing her specialization throughout 2020 and beyond,” said Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and Fox News Media chairman Jay Wallace in a ready statement.

Fox News freshly came to new terms with an additional anchor, Martha MacCallum. The deals ensure the network will continue to have its primetime lineup bookended through MacCallum’s job-related at 7 p.m. And Bream’s regimen at 11.

Bream had been working opposite invoice Hemmer and also co-anchoring “America’s Newsroom,” the mid-morning news show, before launching she 11 p.m. Regime in 2017. According to Nielsen, in 2019, the routine ranked 11th amongst the viewers the news advertisers covet most, people between 25 and 54.

“From breaking under the latest headlines on ‘Fox News
Night’ to explaining the complexities that the law, i have had actually the chance to report native the prior lines of the significant stories emanating the end of Washington. Ns am ecstatic to proceed doing what i love and also look forward to an amazing year ahead,” Bream said in a statement.

Bream additionally hosts Fox News Podcast Network’s ‘Livin’ the Bream,’ a collection where she shares inspirational stories, personal anecdotes and also an insider’s view on actions and rulings native the high court.

She join Fox News in 2007. She had previously offered as a weekend anchor for WRC-TV in Washington, DC and also an night anchor because that WBTV in Charlotte, NC. Before entering the field of journalism, Bream operated as a sexual harassment attorney and also was crowned miss Florida in 1994 and Miss Virginia in 1990. She is a graduate of Florida State University’s college of Law and Liberty University.

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