SEATTLE, WA - JUNE 15: People set up a tent exterior of the Seattle Police Departments eastern Precinct in the police-free zone recognized as the Capitol Hill arranged Protest (CHOP) top top June 15, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. The area consists of the blocks surrounding the Seattle Police Departments eastern Precinct, which to be vacated after ~ violent clashes with Black Lives matter protesters in the wake up of George Floyd"s death. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

(CNN) — Seattle’s market told protesters Monday “it’s time for human being to walk home” and leave the Capitol Hill neighborhood they have created as one autonomous zone.

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Demonstrators will certainly not be removed by force, mayor Jenny Durkan said, however the city will certainly be working through Black-led ar organizations to speak with leaders the the “Capitol Hill arranged Protest” to guide them to leaving the area.

All police were pulled the end of the Seattle Police department precinct in the neighborhood as stress boiled over during protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. However this weekend carried three nighttime shootings in the area, Durkan said, and officials particularly want protesters out throughout the overnight hours.

“We have the right to still accommodate world who desire to protest peacefully,” Durkan said, “But the impacts on the businesses and also residents in the neighborhood are now too much.”

Police will go back to the boarded-up precinct

The eastern Precinct was boarded up and also abandoned after ~ an “autonomous zone” was established outside the building. In ~ the time, Police chief Carmen ideal said leaving the precinct was not her idea and also expressed anger at how the decision to be made.

Durkan said CNN’s kris Cuomo ~ above June 11 the the autonomous zone could be viewed as a “Summer the Love.”

Though a attributed is no clear, Durkan said Monday that police officers will be return to the precinct to respond to an ext than 100,000 emergency calls.

The three human being who were shot in the area end the weekend encompass a 19-year-old who was killed, finest said. Very first responders to be prevented from easily reaching the victims due to the fact that they to be met by a “hostile crowd,” she said.

“It is not unnoticed the the victim were black color men,” market Durkan said.

Best stated there have also been reports that rape, arson, and also property destruction.

“We cannot walk away from the reality of what is happening here,” the police cook said. “This is about life or death.”

‘We room responding to every call’

Chief best has denied insurance claims the room was no responding come calls in the zone.

“Seattle is no under siege and also we space responding come every call and every area the the city,” best told CNN’s chris Cuomo last week.

The statement comes after Seattle Police police officers received a department-wide email June 12 the instructed them not to respond come calls for business within the CHAZ uneven they were responding to a “mass lossc event” such together an energetic shooter or structural fire.

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Seattle Police spokesman Det. Patrick Michaud shown the authenticity that the email to CNN and also reiterated that police officers were tho responding to any far-reaching life safety and security issues.