S.E. Cupp is a political commentator and host that "SE Cupp Unfiltered" on CNN. She"s co-author the "Why You"re Wrong around the Right" and also author of "Losing our Religion: The liberal Media"s assault on Christianity." She was likewise a consultant ~ above the HBO present "The Newsroom."

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Fox News is selling toxic snake oil: What mark Meadows has revealed around Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and others

The year is 1893 and Clark Stanley, the self-styled “Rattlesnake King,” is preparing for his big moment in ~ the world Exposition in Chicago. Fairgoers have already been wowed through Otis Brothers’ elevator exhibit, George Washington Gale Ferris’ large wheel, and Thomas Edison’s kinetoscope.


Democrats need to learn exactly how to win: lock think selling their accomplishments will keep Congress in 2022?

Less than a year the end from the 2022 midterm elections, in which Democrats could lose their regulate of Congress, president Biden’s approval numbers space under water.


Soulless. Ethically bankrupt. Insane? It’s tough to discover the appropriate word to explain the latest lows to which right-wing personalities and also elected officials are stooping to smear and attack Dr. Anthony Fauci, manager of the national Institute the Allergy and also Infectious Diseases, and also former trump adviser.
The grand Old Orange Juice Party: exactly how today’s Republican Party reminds me the Minute Maid concentration
Texas, abortion and also the forget middle: What’s especially frustrating around the brand-new Lone Star state
how politics is tearing families apart: Partisan and cultural divides are estranging united state from the civilization we love the most
Capitol defenders tell the wrenching truth: The very first Jan. 6 Commission listening exposes the ignominy the what Republicans have actually whitewashed

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You can be a racialism if...: The very first step to confronting American bigotry is admitting its visibility in plain sight