SCOTT Peterson was convicted of first-degree murder of his pregnant wife and also second-degree murder of your unborn child in 2002.

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In august 2021, a California judge made an announcement about hearing testimony indigenous Peterson's original trial.


Scott Peterson was accused of killing his wife, Laci, and unborn son back in 2003Credit: AP:Associated Press

Why to be Scott Peterson top top trial?

The mountain Diego indigenous was accused the murdering his wife and unborn child after she was reported lacking back in December of 2002.

His arrest come in April the 2003 once the stays of a woman and fetus were uncovered on the coastline of the san Francisco Bay, only a few miles from wherein Peterson had actually said he to be on the Christmas night she go missing.

Following his arrest, Amber Frey, a Fresno massage therapist, come forward about their work that began in November the 2002 and later testified the Peterson told her he to be a widower.

Prosecution asserted that Peterson had actually used the exact same cement offered on his driveway to do anchors the pulled his wife's human body to the bottom of san Francisco Bay.

He was later on convicted and also sentenced to death row every the juries recommendation.

Where is Scott Peterson now?

Peterson is right now serving the end his conviction in mountain Quentin State jail while he awaits word on a retrial.

On august 24, 2020, his death sentence to be overturned by California's can be fried Court after the was figured out that his sentencing was unfair and that jury an option was impartial.

Following his fatality row sentence being overturned, the California can be fried Court had actually ordered the san Mateo County remarkable Court to reexamine his instance all together after a juror did no disclose the they were involved in various other legal proceedings.


Scott Peterson was discovered guilty and sentenced come death but in 2020, his sentence to be overturned and also the monitor year, he awaits word on if a judge will give him a retrialCredit: AP

While Peterson awaits a judge's decision top top if that should obtain a brand-new trial, he is intended to be testifying in a preliminary listening in the Kristin smart murder case.

Peterson is being referred to as by Paul and Ruben Flores' defense council ~ they stated that the 2 were friends earlier when smart went missing.

Prior come his conviction, Peterson to be a potential suspect in her disappearance but investigators can never find a connection.

On august 26, 2021, exceptional Court judge Anne-Christine Massullo set a hearing date for September 22, 2021 to identify whether there to be juror misconduct in his original trial.

However, delays as result of the pandemic can push it come January or February of 2022, Massullo said.

"We've claimed all along that Scott Peterson go not obtain a fair trial," Peterson's defense attorney, pat Harris, said Natalie Morales this day on respectable 26.

If Massullo finds that juror misconduct take it place, Peterson might be granted a new trial.

A court hear on Wednesday, September 22 made decision that Peterson will be re-sentenced in November, according to NBC just Area.



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Judge Anne-Christine Massullo also listed that the instance does not involve the fatality penalty case any kind of more.

On December 8, 2021 there was a brand-new hearing that re-sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Statements from household members of of 27-year-old Laci Peterson were released, that was eight month pregnant once she was eliminated carrying the boy the pair had plan to name Connor.

"You space going come burn in hell because that this," Laci’s father, Dennis Rocha, who passed away in 2018, claimed to Peterson throughout his first sentencing. "Your life is done."

Moments before Peterson's re-sentencing Laci's sister made comments to Peterson.

"It's been much more than 19 years, and also there's not someday where ns don't think about my sister. You take it them away from me, ns would have actually loved to it is in an aunt come Conor as well," she said.

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How lengthy was Scott Petersons' trial?

Peterson's attempt lasted from July 1, 2004 to November 12, 2004.

After seven days the deliberation, consisting of the replacement of 2 jurors, he to be then discovered guilty that the murders of his wife and unborn son.

Following his conviction, Laci's mom was vested the $250,000 life insurance plan Peterson took out on her.

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