ABC’s politics drama, Scandal, finished its seven-season run last night in a collection finale that set the bar so high, it’ll be tough to height it.

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Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her do not be afraid Gladiators took down Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and also ensured Mellie approve (Bellamy Young) remained President. Yet not everyone deserve to survive in Washington, D.C. — literally. In a tragic and also equally triumphant moment, Attorney basic of the United states David Rosen (Joshua Malina) died.

But why walk the present have to end that way? Scandal creator and also executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells EW, “ was yes, really the critical good, pure human there. And for that to happen, he to be the critical hero they had actually left, and in the sense, the felt necessary.”

Malina uncovered out around his death prior to the table review on a phone speak to with Rhimes and was actually in good spirits around his untimely demise. “He to be actually type of excited and also honored,” she reveals.

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After eight seasons, we could not be speak goodbye to part characters.

He admits, “Once I had a minute to process it and also think about it, i was delighted. Ns feel like in the world of Scandal, it provides all kinds of sense. I’ve constantly argued the David was amongst the much better people, and also the better people nothing fare well in the cosmos of Scandal, so I thought it do a lot of sense.”

Washington explains to The Hollywood Reporter the David’s death represented other more. “The present explores the idea that strength corrupts and when you’re flying in those circles that close come the sun, you need to be careful. It was really sad for his character — and also for Abby,” she reasons. “I was shocked — and also then excited due to the fact that it was going come be fairly a finale.”

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Two amazing tidbits around David’s death: It took close come six hours to film and also the remainder of the actors didn’t understand until the table read.

Also in the finale, fans also saw Quinn (Katie Lowes) and also Charlie (George Newbern) obtain married and, the course, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) was right there with them. Cyrus resigned and Jake (Scott Foley) wound increase behind bars.

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But where execute Olivia and also Fitz stand?!

“I understand there are civilization who space like, ‘I want her to finish up through a man,’ and also that’s just not a thing I’m walk to write for any character,” Rhimes explains. “I can’t teach a woman that her job in life is to finish up v a guy as a happy ending to a story — ever.”

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Goldwyn speak THR, “The reality that able to finally attach with Olivia in a support consensual forward-moving, healthy method — to have a positive result on their world and also community — was his biggest dream. Castle do gain their happy ending.”

But what around that ambiguous nationwide Portrait collection scene?!

Washington shares to EW the she’s leaving the POTUS possibility open-ended: “I love that left united state wondering. She says she knows specifically what the means, and also maybe the other writers do, but we don’t, and I think it is pretty great that we get to leave v questions, we get to leave through the gift of utilizing our very own imaginations to complete this story.”